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Hearthp.png 7200 Pontos de Vida Armor Icon.gif 78 de Armadura
Xpbestiary.png 6300 Pontos de Experiência (9450 com bônus) Haste Icon.gif 180 de Velocidade
Charm.gif 50 Charms
Físico.png Poisoned Icon.gif Burning Icon.gif Cursed Icon.gif
70%Forte a Físico 100%Neutro a Terra 100%Neutro a Fogo 120%Fraco a Morte
Electrified Icon.gif Dazzled Icon.gif Freezing Icon.gif Heal Icon.png
50%Forte a Energia 80%Forte a Sagrado 100%Neutro a Gelo 100%Neutro a Cura
Passa por:Fogo Energia
Imunidades: Paralisia Invisibilidade
Ocorrência: Comum
Dificuldade: São necessários 2 500 abates para completar esta criatura.
Dano Estimado: 1000+ hp por turno.
Habilidades: Corpo a corpo (0-450), atira Burst Arrows (180-275), Energy Missile (280-450), Holy Berserk (250-400), Divine Missile (150-230).
Comportamento: Não é possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Combate corpo a corpo e à distância. Foge com a vida baixa.
Localização: Summer Court of the Dreamborn, The Haunted Houses e Winter Court of the Dreamborn.
Pode ser Puxado: Cross.png
Empurra Objetos: Tick.png
Adicionado: 12.00  (03 de dezembro de 2018)
Sons: "Uuuuuuuuu aaaaaarg!!!", "Nobody will ever escape from this place, muwahaha!!!"
Loot: Comum: 0-17 Platinum CoinsPlatinum Coin.gif, 0-3 MeatsMeat.gif.
Incomum: 0-3 Great Spirit PotionsGreat Spirit Potion.gif, 0-5 Essence of a Bad DreamEssence of a Bad Dream.gif, HalberdHalberd.gif, HamHam.gif, Knight AxeKnight Axe.gif, Mino ShieldMino Shield.gif, Terra BootsTerra Boots.gif, Terra HoodTerra Hood.gif, Ultimate Health PotionUltimate Health Potion.gif.
Semi-raro: Beastslayer AxeBeastslayer Axe.gif, Black ShieldBlack Shield.gif, Bloody PincersBloody Pincers.gif, Dark ShieldDark Shield.gif, Obsidian LanceObsidian Lance.gif, SickleSickle.gif, Titan AxeTitan Axe.gif, Wand of Cosmic EnergyWand of Cosmic Energy.gif, Wand of DefianceWand of Defiance.gif, Warrior's AxeWarrior's Axe.gif, Warrior's ShieldWarrior's Shield.gif.
The thanatursus is one of the few nightmare-twisted creatures that could establish itself as a new species. These creatures, that once probably just were common bears, became dangerous predators of berserk-like frenzy. The thanatursus is a carnivore that doesn't even shun away from carrion. In the contrary: it's known that the deformed bears often drag their kills into lairs, where they rot for a while before they are eaten. It seems the thanatursus does so for a more practical reason though. Observations lead to the theory that a thanatursus does absorb certain traits and even physical characteristics from their eaten prey. This seems to be more intense, the more fresh the devoured creature is. The natural instinct of the bear-creature seems to be to hide the carrion away for a later date, but if a fight with a victim drags on and drains more energy and blood then usual, the thanatursus is more likely to feast on it immediately. This probably leads to it mostly absorbing traits from more formidable foes and become more and more powerful over time. An average, grown up thanatursus combines the power and appearance of a couple of their prey. Some of them develop horns, similar to bulls or stags, most display the snout of a boar or fangs of a wolf. Some added more disturbing elements like human-like hands, elf-like faces or the wings of a giant bat. Even scales and tentacles are possible additions to their body. While the common thanatursus is an enough disturbing sight and threat, their very nature makes vastly different and more powerful variants a possibility. Sadly it's more than just a rumour that some of these creatures escaped the dream realms and began to roam the realm of Tibia. Though loners, these individuals acquired considerable power and already changed into creatures vastly different from the common thanatursus. With men as part of their common diet, they developed intelligence and ambition, preying on more and more dangerous foes to add their strengths to their own array of abilities.

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