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Ivalisse.gif NPC Ivalisse

Este NPC é Sacerdote

Jogador: hi

Ivalisse: Hello, worshipper of the Astral Shapers! Welcome to the temple.
Jogador: temple
Ivalisse: Well, I hope you like it here. We tried to rebuild in the Shaper's will. I am a bit preoccupied at the moment because of the absence of my father. I may not be the best of help currently, sorry.
Jogador: job
Ivalisse: Besides my various duties in the temple, I also take care of visitors. Well, I would but right now I can't get my mind of how my father's doing. I am sorry.
Jogador: duties
Ivalisse: I help linking the portals of this temple to other ancient sites of the Astral Shapers.
Jogador: Astral Shapers
Ivalisse: As far as we know today, the Astral Shapers are an ancient, very advanced race of master artisans.
Jogador: name
Ivalisse: My name is Ivalisse.
Jogador: silus
Ivalisse: My father, can you tell me if he's alright?
Jogador: thais
Ivalisse: Alright then, you are very welcome to explore the temple!
Jogador: father
Ivalisse: Papa- my father has recently started an adventure on his own. His name is Silus, he is a member of the Edron academy. ...
Ivalisse: Ever since he has joined what he called a 'special research division', he went on and on about Zao and how venturing there would help him get ahead. ...
Ivalisse: You must know he lives for science, especially concerning far-away lands and cultures. He talked about the importance of practical field studies but, frankly, he isn't particularly cut out for that. ...
Ivalisse: I know he has to focus to get his research done right now and I simply cannot leave my duties in the temple. You seem like a person who travels a lot, would you be willing to help me?
Jogador: yes
Ivalisse: Thank you! He told me the other researchers in his team discovered a bridge leading to a cave with a dragon sculpture somewhere in a muggy, grassy area. ...
Ivalisse: The cave is said to lead to a temple complex underground which is ued as a gathering place for a race called 'draken'. He left right away and tried to enter Zao on his own. ...
Ivalisse: I was even more worried when he explained the route he chose. he wanted to head straight through a giant steppe and through a massive mountainous ridge to reach the grassy plains of lower Zao. ...
Ivalisse: If you're interested: I know that the Shapers where active in all corners of Tibia. If you happen to find Shaper ruins there, you may even be able to gather some of their lost knowledge. ...
Ivalisse: I may have been a bit stubborn and angry the day he left, I even refused to say farewell. And now I worry if he is safe. ...
Ivalisse: I can not do much to help you but I can open a portal to get you quite close to his last known location in Zao. What do you say, will you help me find my father?
Jogador: yes
Ivalisse: You would? That's great! Thank you! If you can find my father, tell him I understand and that I really miss him!
Jogador: bye

Ivalisse: Goodbye, have a pleasant day.
Ivalisse.gif NPC Ivalisse

Este NPC é Sacerdote

Localização: Halls of Hope, (
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Adicionado: 11.02 (06 de dezembro de 2016)

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