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Obi.gif NPC Obi
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas
Jogador: hi

Obi: Hello, hello, Jogador! Please come in, look, and buy! If you like to see my offers, ask me for a trade!

Jogador: time
Obi: It's about "hora" am/pm. Yes"hora" am/pm. I'm so sorry, I have no watches for sale.

Jogador: rookgaard
Obi: Ah, Rookgaard. Home sweet home, that's what it became for me, but I will always miss Thais and Sam.

Jogador: Thais
Obi: Oh, Thais, I'll be back. One day, I'll be back.

Jogador: Sam
Obi: My good old cousin Sam. Oh, how I miss him.

Jogador: Dixi
Obi: Oh, what an endearing little girl, and she's working so hard to help me, even without receiving payment. Such a sweet little girl!

Jogador: Loui
Obi: I told him there was no danger, but he wouldn't listen to me, no one listens to me.

Jogador: Willie
Obi: This guy doesn't understand that he should entrust me with the food business, too. He really should do. Then he had time for his farm.

Jogador: Billy
Obi: He's just like his cousin Willie.

Jogador: Zirella
Obi: An old woman shouldn't be treated like that, no way, that's bad.

Jogador: Tom
Obi: Well, he just buys what no one else wants. Stuff that's long dead. I can live with that, yes, I can live with that.

Jogador: Lee'Delle
Obi: She ruins the market with her offers! This is bad for us honest merchants, really bad.

Jogador: Al Dee
Obi: Oh, this guy is so greedy, so greedy. Ripping off poor adventurers like you!

Jogador: Santiago
Obi: I suggested him opening a tourist guide company with me, Obi's and Santiago's, but he didn't approve. I really don't understand why.

Jogador: Amber
Obi: She is beautiful, very, very beautiful. I hope I can impress her somehow.

Jogador: Hyacinth
Obi: I don't like him, actually I dislike him deeply. He is so greedy that he doesn't want to share his profit he gains from health potions.

Jogador: Lily
Obi: I knew it! I knew she would try to get the monopoly on potions in this village! But no one has listened to me!

Jogador: Dallheim
Obi: What a hero, what a hero.

Jogador: Norma
Obi: I don't know how anyone could give up the flourishing business she led. She should have listened to me and find someone who continues that business for her.

Jogador: Seymour
Obi: He is the head of the local academy. I encouraged him to sponsor you, but no one listens to Obi, no one listens to me, as usual.

Jogador: weapon
Obi: Yes, I'm selling weapons. Just ask me for a trade to see my offers and the things I buy from you.

Jogador: potions
Obi: I wish I could help you with that, but no, I was told to stick to weapons. Go see Lily.

Jogador: Mainland
Obi: Well, the mainland also consists of several continents. You can go there once you are level 8 and have talked to the oracle.

Jogador: oracle
Obi: The oracle, ah, such a weird being! It will lead you off this island once you are level 8, yes it will, mark my words.

Jogador: academy
Obi: I think good practice is better than reading a boring book. Of course, you will need proper equipment to be able to get practice!

Jogador: equipment
Obi: As an adventurer you should always have at least a backpack, a rope, a shovel, a weapon, an armor and a shield.

Jogador: monster
Obi: Good monsters to start with are rats. They live in the sewers under the village of Rookgaard.

Jogador: sewers
Obi: There are many sewer entrances throughout Rookgaard. One is right outside this shop and to the left. For more details about monsters and dungeons, best talk to one of the guards.

Jogador: king
Obi: The king encouraged salesmen to travel here, but only I dared to take the risk, and a risk it was!

Jogador: guards
Obi: The bridge guard Dallheim is north of here, just follow the street, you can't miss it.

Jogador: tibia
Obi: It's really heart-warming to see how the Tibia economy is prospering.

Jogador: thank you

Obi: Oh, you're welcome, very welcome.
Obi.gif NPC Obi
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas
Localização: Rookgaard, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Compra e vende armas para aventureiros. Sua neta Dixi trabalha no andar de cima e negocia armaduras e escudos.
No topo da Wasp Tower há uma placa escrita:
"You read: Feeling ill?
Are you poisoned?
This does not have to happen to you again!
Buy quality armor at Obi's!
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif20 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif5 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif8 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif15 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif25 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif12 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif30 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif8 gp
Spear Spear.gif10 gp
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif7 gp
Bone Club Bone Club.gif5 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif2 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif5 gp
Hatchet Hatchet.gif25 gp
Katana Katana.gif35 gp
Mace Mace.gif30 gp
Machete Machete.gif6 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif5 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif12 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif3 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif10 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif3 gp
Spear Spear.gif3 gp
Sword Sword.gif25 gp