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Frodo.gif NPC Frodo

Este NPC é Comerciante de Alimentos, Dono da Hospedaria

Jogador: hi

Frodo: Welcome to Frodo's Hut. You heard about the news?
Jogador: army
Frodo: Hehe. Great customers.
Jogador: Frodo's Hut
Frodo: I hope you like it.
Jogador: news
Frodo: Some travelers from Edron told about a great treasure guarded by cruel demons in the dungeons there.
Jogador: job ou saloon
Frodo: I am the owner of this saloon. I call it Frodo's Hut. I am also selling food.
Jogador: food
Frodo: Are you looking for food? I have bread, cheese, ham, and meat.
Jogador: king
Frodo: Oh, our beloved king! Thanks to him, alcohol is so cheap.
Jogador: name
Frodo: Just call me Frodo.
Jogador: time
Frodo: It is exactly 10:30 am.
Jogador: dungeons ou graveyard
Frodo: Ah yes, the graveyard dungeon. All I know is this riddle: His Grave to the south, the tree above, his soul in the shade. No idea what that means, though!
Jogador: riddle
Frodo: I heard it when I was a child.
Jogador: Hengis Wulfson
16:59 Frodo: He is a great bard. He often graced my hut with his presence, songs, and rhymes. I wonder what happened to him lately.
Jogador: killed, dead ou death
Frodo: Oh, by the gods! What do you say happened to him?
Jogador: cyclops killed
Frodo: That's horrible! I am in grief. I will never hear his songs again. I will even miss that strange rhyme he was obsessed with.
Jogador: rhyme
Frodo: He recitated it that often that I learned it by heart myself. I would recitate it, but I am not skilled in that kind of things.
Jogador: recitate
Frodo: Uhm. If you insist, but I am so awful. I will stop now and then and wait, so you can tell if I should proceed, ok?
Jogador: yes
Frodo: Well ok, but don't blame me. Chhrrr... chhrrrr,... it goes like this... chhrrr: and when the dead feast at midnight...
Jogador: proceed
Frodo: ... the ancient enemy will no longer guard the place of his unlucky heir and the living will walk the paths of the old way...
Jogador: proceed
Frodo: ... Death awaits the greedy and the brave alike and many will be mourned until the long lost treasure is unearthed.
Jogador: proceed
Frodo: That's all. He recitated it when he was in one of his melancholy moods.
Jogador: Excalibug
Frodo: Nothing more than a tale for warriors.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Frodo: Uhm, do not mention him. It may scare customers away.
Jogador: Hugo
Frodo: I think some time ago a stranger from Fibula with that name stayed here for some nights.
Jogador: Elane
Frodo: Can you believe that she actually told her guildfellows that alcohol is a bad thing?
Jogador: Tibia
Frodo: Come on! You know that our world is called Tibia.
Jogador: Carlin
Frodo: Many travellers tell funny stories about all the emancipated women in this northern town.
Jogador: Thais
Frodo: Here in Thais is the center of Tibia.
Jogador: Baxter
Frodo: He's able to drink a bottle or two.
Jogador: Bozo
Frodo: I am trying to hire him for an evening or two.
Jogador: Donald McRonald
Frodo: The McRonalds are a nice couple. Donald is a dear friend of mine.
Jogador: Galuna
Frodo: She makes excellent arrows and bows.
Jogador: Gorn
Frodo: Many of his customers visit my Hut, too.
Jogador: Gregor
Frodo: The knights have sometimes parties here after some arena fights.
Jogador: Harkath Bloodblade
Frodo: Too disciplined to enjoy life.
Jogador: Lungelen
Frodo: A sorceress, you can find her in their guild sitting befor a book - always!
Jogador: Lynda
Frodo: Just between you and me: What a babe!
Jogador: Muriel
Frodo: Muriel has never visited this place.
Jogador: Oswald
Frodo: I hate him. Each of his visits here ends with a bar brawl.
Jogador: Quentin
Frodo: He hardly visits my humble tavern.
Jogador: Samuel
Frodo: A loud neighbour, I get a lot of complaints about him.
Jogador: Xodet
Frodo: I don't know where he gets these fluids. If I could sell them here, the hut would be crowded.
Jogador: Cropwell
Frodo: No idea who that is, but maybe you'll find something in the Royal Archives...
Jogador: Royal Archives
Frodo: Oh, the Royal Archives are in Rain Castle!
Jogador: Rain Castle
Frodo: The king's residence has been renovated lately.
Jogador: Lugri
Frodo: I overheared some conversations about his evilness. That's enough to hope, that I never ever meet him.
Jogador: Todd
Frodo: That fellow is filthy rich. He rented a room upstairs for months in advance and always orders the best beer and wine i serve.
Jogador: bye

Frodo: Please come back from time to time.
Frodo.gif NPC Frodo

Este NPC é Comerciante de Alimentos, Dono da Hospedaria

Localização: No centro da cidade de Thais, (
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X Mapa.png
Notas: Frodo é dono da Frodo's Cabana. Ele negocia alimentos e bebidas. Com algumas palavras-chave certas, ele falará sobre os últimos rumores.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Bread Bread.gif4 gp
Cheese Cheese.gif6 gp
Ham Ham.gif8 gp
Meat Meat.gif5 gp
Compra: Nada.
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