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Lee'Delle.gif NPC Lee'Delle

Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas, Comerciante de Armaduras

Jogador: hi

Lee'Delle: Hello, hello, Player! Please come in, look, and buy!

Jogador: help
Lee'Delle: I am already helping you by selling stuff.

Jogador: stuff
Lee'Delle: I sell equipment of all kinds. Just ask me about the type of wares you are interested in.

Jogador: wares ou offert
Lee'Delle: I sell weapons, shields, armor, helmets, and equipment. For what do you want to ask?

Jogador: weapons
Lee'Delle: I sell spears, rapiers, sabres, daggers, hand axes, axes, and short swords. Just tell me what you want to buy.

Jogador: shield
Lee'Delle: I sell wooden shields and studded shields. Just tell me what you want to buy.

Jogador: armors
Lee'Delle: I sell jackets, coats, doublets, leather armor, and leather legs. Just tell me what you want to buy.

Jogador: helmets
Lee'Delle: I sell leather helmets, studded helmets, and chain helmets. Just tell me what you want to buy.

Jogador: equipment
Lee'Delle: I sell torches, bags, scrolls, shovels, picks, backpacks, sickles, scythes, ropes, fishing rods and sixpacks of worms. Just tell me what you want to buy.

Jogador: job
Lee'Delle: I am a merchant, so what can I do for you?

Jogador: name
Lee'Delle: My name is
Lee'Delle. Do you want to buy something?

Jogador: time
Lee'Delle: It is about 10:12 am. I am so sorry, I have no watches to sell. Do you want to buy something else?

Jogador: Tibia
Lee'Delle: The continent is even more exciting than this isle!

Jogador: sell
Lee'Delle: I sell much. Have a look at the blackboards for my wares or just ask.

Jogador: mission ou quest ou flowers
Lee'Delle: I really love flowers. Sadly my favourites, honey flowers are very rare on this isle. If you can find me one, I'll give you a little reward.

Jogador: honey flowers
Lee'Delle: Honey flowers are my favourites <sigh>.

Jogador: dungeon
Lee'Delle: be carefull down there. Make sure you bought enough torches and a rope or you might get lost.

Jogador: monsters
Lee'Delle: There are plenty of them. Buy here the equipment to kill them and sell their loot afterwards!

Jogador: Thais
Lee'Delle: Thais is the capital of the thaian empire.

Jogador: Dallheim
Lee'Delle: He is a great warrior and our protector.

Jogador: bye

Lee'Delle: Bye, bye.
Lee'Delle.gif NPC Lee'Delle

Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas, Comerciante de Armaduras

Localização: Rookgaard, no lado premium, (
aquiMap (Colour).gif
X Mapa.png
Notas: Lee'Delle tem uma loja para jogadores premium em Rookgaard. Ela sente falta da sua vida em Mainland, e os desejos são cercados pelo seu favorito: Honey Flowers, que são muito raras em Rookgaard.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif18 gp
Backpack Backpack.gif9 gp
Bag Bag.gif4 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif49 gp
Coat Coat.gif7 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif4 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif14 gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod.gif140 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif7 gp
Jacket Jacket.gif9 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif22 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif11 gp
Leather Legs Leather Legs.gif9 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif13 gp
Rope Rope.gif45 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif22 gp
Scroll Scroll.gif5 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif10 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif26 gp
Shovel Shovel.gif9 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif7 gp
Spear Spear.gif9 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif58 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif47 gp
Torch Torch.gif2 gp
Waterball Waterball.gif200 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif13 gp
Worm Worm.gif1 gp
Item Valor
Football Football.gif111 gp
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif7 gp
Bone Club Bone Club.gif5 gp
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet.gif22 gp
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif25 gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif40 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif12 gp
Copper Shield Copper Shield.gif50 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif2 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif3 gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod.gif30 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif4 gp
Hatchet Hatchet.gif25 gp
Katana Katana.gif35 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif5 gp
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif2 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif3 gp
Leather Legs Leather Legs.gif2 gp
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet.gif22 gp
Mace Mace.gif30 gp
Machete Machete.gif6 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield.gif40 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif5 gp
Rope Rope.gif8 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif12 gp
Scythe Scythe.gif3 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif10 gp
Shovel Shovel.gif2 gp
Sickle Sickle.gif2 gp
Spear Spear.gif3 gp
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif25 gp
Studded Club Studded Club.gif2 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif20 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs.gif15 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif16 gp
Sword Sword.gif25 gp
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet.gif25 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif3 gp
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