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Edgar-Ellen.gif NPC Edgar-Ellen
Este NPC é desconhecido
1 Edgar-Ellen: Through Rookgaard's sewer there swarmed no fewer than a hundred screeching rats. Wading through mud, and covered in blood, two young men fought back-to-back. To Trimera's end; a knight, and a friend.

2 Edgar-Ellen: On Secura a confident knight levelled to main, 840 rats he had slain. 'I am going to kill dragons,' he said while pounding his breastplate. The next thing he saw was: 'You have met a sad fate.
3 Edgar-Ellen: A knight from Guardia needed Chayenne's key. His friend dropped the item on the floor, hoping no one would see. But, at the same moment, a man crossed their way and all the knight's dreams faded away.
4 Edgar-Ellen: During the dark and scary night, when others sleep he goes to fight, banishing demons, that feels right, purging the evil on the sight, fearlessly waiting for daylight, Zeluna's bravest elite knight.
5 Edgar-Ellen: A young sorcerer born and raised on Astera when dragons were scary, it was that kind of era. Walking all the way to the city of Venore, he stole from the dwarven bridge nothing less than an iron ore.
6 Edgar-Ellen: A knight from Candia was dining at Frodo's hut, devouring plates full of meat and whatnot. Suddenly, he was called to fight. He wanted to put his armor on but it was too tight.
7 Edgar-Ellen: For a knight from Yanara 10,000 gold were a lot. So he ventured with a team into the desert to win that pot. He solved all the riddles, strongly willed. But on his journey home he sadly was killed.
8 Edgar-Ellen: The world I shall save', an Olympian knight proclaimed! But from a visit to the bar he could not abstain! He woke up in pain, it all was in vain. From Venorian beer he will forever refrain.
9 Edgar-Ellen: One morning frosty fresh and nice, a knight was fishing on the ice. Catching some pikes for soup, but a dire penguin ate his loot. His angry wife said in the house: Now whole Beneva will laugh at us!
Edgar-Ellen: Orshabaal was out of his maze to make us suffer for many days. In Calmera, a knight with blue beard from his hideout appeared. He fought bravely supported by mages, the demon ran and is gone for ages.
10 Edgar-Ellen: Hoping to find a strange orc in his spawn, a Zaneran knight logged on before dawn. A sudden heart attack left him surprised as Sam's old backpack he had recognised.
11 Edgar-Ellen: A druid from Celesta once talked with a girl, he even bought her a necklace with a huge white pearl. Every time he went home, without money and fame, I guess this girl is cursed, Aruda is the name.
12 Edgar-Ellen: The druid entered a Premian pyramid intent on the kill, 'Oh, that djinn will die, it will!' Down and up the stairs she hopped like a cat... When, Oops! She moved the wrong way, and died a drunk rat.

Edgar-Ellen: A druid from Eternia just bought his first boots of haste, to finally have his leather boots replaced. Catching a backpack of fish was now his dream, but he ended up swinging his new boots upstream.
Edgar-Ellen.gif NPC Edgar-Ellen
Este NPC é desconhecido
Localização: Thais, perto da fonte na Royal Lane
Adicionado: 11.20 (21 de março de 2017)
Notas: NPC introduzido para falar os poemas ganhadores do concurso "É hora de rimar", feito durante as comemorações de 20 anos do Tibia
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