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Amber.gif NPC Amber
Este NPC é Viajante
Jogador: hi

Amber: Oh hello, nice to see you Player'.

Jogador: How are you?
Amber: I'm recovering from a sea passage.

Jogador: job
Amber: I'm an explorer who seeks adventures.

Jogador: adventure
Amber: I fought fierce monsters, climbed the highest mountains, explored the deepest dungeons and crossed the sea on a raft.

Jogador: sea
Amber: My voyage on the sea was exhausting. The weather was bad, the waves high and my raft quite simple. There's a certain excitement to it, though.

Jogador: explore
Amber: I've been almost everywhere in Tibia.

Jogador: Tibia
Amber: I'm trying to explore each spot of Tibia, and one day I'll have seen it all.

Jogador: time
Amber: Sorry, I lost my watch in a storm.

Jogador: dungeon
Amber: I had no time to explore the dungeons of this isle yet, but I've seen two big caves in the East, and there is a ruined tower to the north-west. Oh, and there're the sewers.

Jogador: sewer
Amber: I like sewers. I made my very first battle experience in the sewers below Thais. The small sewer system of Rookgaard has some nasty rats to fight.

Jogador: king
Amber: King Tibianus is the ruler of Thais. The island of Rookgaard belongs to his kingdom.

Jogador: Rookgaard
Amber: It's a nice little island on which you can learn how to fight. I can see it in your eyes - you want to become a famous adventurer and explorer just like me!

Jogador: academy
Amber: A fine institution, but it needs definitely more funds from the king.

Jogador: help ou information
Amber: Well, I can give you general hints or tell you about my adventures and many other topics. Oh, and if you are bored, I might have a small quest for you.

Jogador: destiny
Amber: You will find your destiny. I'm sure it's something big and important.

Jogador: Thais
Amber: A fine city, but the king has some problems enforcing the law.

Jogador: main
Amber: You'll be surprised once you leave this island. The world outside there is gigantic.

Jogador: castle
Amber: If you travel to Thais, you really should visit the marvellous castle there.

Jogador: magic
Amber: Spells are only taught in the guildhalls of the mainland.

Jogador: weapon
Amber: The best weapons on this isle are just toothpicks, compared with the weapons warriors of the mainland wield.

Jogador: monsters
Amber: Oh, I fought orcs, cyclopses, minotaurs, even dragons, and many other creatures.

Jogador: orcs
Amber: Not the nicest guys you can encounter. I had some clashes with them and finally ended up being their prisoner for a few months.

Jogador: cyclops
Amber: I don't like the way they look at you. Their eye seems to pierce right through you. Creepy!

Jogador: minotaur
Amber: They are nasty monsters, particularly as they have distance fighters and mages in their clans. My backpack is handmade from minotaur leather.

Jogador: dragon
Amber: Their breath is so hot! I had to cut my hair after my last encounter with a dragon because the ends were all burnt. That's what you gotta deal with as a female adventurer!

Jogador: premium
Amber: I wouldn't want to miss being a premium adventurer. Everything is so much easier!

Jogador: bank
Amber: I have almost no money with me anyway, so no need to deposit any at the bank.

Jogador: orcish ou prisoner
Amber: I speak some Orcish words, not many though, just a few basics like 'yes' and 'no'.

Jogador: yes (após orcish ou prisoner)
Amber: It's 'mok' in Orcish. I tell you more if you bring me some food.

Jogador: no (após orcish ou prisoner)
Amber: In Orcish that's 'burp'. I tell you more if you bring me some food.

Jogador: food
Amber: My favourite dish is salmon. Oh please, bring me some.

Jogador: salmon
Amber: Yeah! If you give me some salmon, I'll tell you another Orcish word. Okay?

Jogador: no (após salmon)
Amber: Ok, then I won't tell you another Orcish word.

Jogador: yes (após salmon - sem salmon)
Amber: You don't have any salmon!

Jogador: tools
Amber: The most important tools you need are a rope, a shovel and maybe a torch.

Jogador: rope
Amber: One day I fell into a hole without having a rope. I was yelling for help for three whole days! Eventually a fisherman passed by and pulled me out with his own rope, lucky me.

Jogador: shovel
Amber: Sometimes I have the strong urge to use it to knock someone out.

Jogador: torch
Amber: You know, on mainland you will be able to cast magic spells which provide you with light. You won't really need torches anymore.

Jogador: weapon
Amber: The best weapons on this isle are just toothpicks compared with the weapons warriors wield on the mainland.

Jogador: raft or mission or quest
Amber: I left my raft at the south-eastern shore. I forgot my private notebook on it. If you could return it to me, I would be very grateful.

Jogador: notebook
Amber: Do you bring me my notebook?

Jogador: no (após notebook)
Amber: Too bad.

Jogador: yes (após book - sem notebook)
Amber: Mhm, whatever you have there, it is not my notebook.

Jogador: Al Dee
Amber: I don't have much to say about him. I think he sells tools.

Jogador: Amber
Amber: Did you know my name is also the name of a gem?

Jogador: Billy
Amber: He brought me some of his famous rat stew. I really didn't want to insult him, but I simply can't eat something like that. So I told him I'm a vegetarian and I only eat fish. <gulps>

Jogador: Cipfried
Amber: A gentle person. You should visit him if you have questions or need healing.

Jogador: Dallheim
Amber: An extraordinary warrior. He's the first and last line of defence of Rookgaard.

Jogador: Dixi
Amber: I don't really know her, but she seems to be a nice girl.

Jogador: Hyacinth
Amber: Hyacinth is a great healer. He lives somewhere hidden on this isle.

Jogador: Lily
Amber: Hm, I think I haven't met her yet.

Jogador: Loui
Amber: Never seen him around.

Jogador: Norma
Amber: She has changed a lot since I last saw her.

Jogador: Obi
Amber: He's a funny little man.

Jogador: Paulie
Amber: No, I didn't go to the bank yet.

Jogador: Santiago
Amber: He promised to repair my raft.

Jogador: Seymour
Amber: I think this poor guy was a bad choice as head of the academy.

Jogador: The Oracle
Amber: The oracle is said to show you your destiny once you are level 8.

Jogador: Tom
Amber: To me he seems a bit rude, but maybe that's just my impression.

Jogador: Willie
Amber: He's funny in his own way.

Jogador: Zerbrus
Amber: An extraordinary warrior. He's the first and last line of defence of Rookgaard.

Jogador: Zirella
Amber: She seriously asked me if she could have the remains of my raft as fire wood! Can you imagine that??

Jogador: bye

Amber: See you later, Player.
Amber.gif NPC Amber
Este NPC é Viajante
Localização: Abaixo da Academia de Rookgaard, no quarto de descanso, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Amber veio para Rookgaard de Mainland a fim de ajudar os jogadores mais inexperientes a encontrarem sua própria aventura.

Ela é uma das poucas pessoas que dominaram a língua dos Orcs e está disposta a ensiná-lo em troca de seu alimento preferido. Amber aprendeu a língua porque ficou alguns meses presa com eles. Ela deixou sua jangada na costa sudeste. Ela também sabe fazer o primeiro addon do Citizen Outfits se você der os itens requeridos.
Amber escreveu o livro "Amber's Notebook".

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