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Hearthp.png 80 Pontos de Vida Armor Icon.gif 4 de Armadura
Xpbestiary.png 45 Pontos de Experiência (67 com bônus) Haste Icon.gif 95 de Velocidade
Charm.gif 15 Charms
Físico.png Poisoned Icon.gif Burning Icon.gif Cursed Icon.gif
100%Neutro a Físico 100%Neutro a Terra 100%Neutro a Fogo 100%Neutro a Morte
Electrified Icon.gif Dazzled Icon.gif Freezing Icon.gif Heal Icon.png
100%Neutro a Energia 100%Neutro a Sagrado 100%Neutro a Gelo 100%Neutro a Cura
Imunidades: Paralisia Invisibilidade
Ocorrência: Comum
Dificuldade: São necessários 500 abates para completar esta criatura.
Dano Estimado: 35 hp por turno.
Habilidades: Corpo a corpo (0-12), Hot Water Wave (causa Paralisia), Stalagmite (0-13), Life Drain (0-10).
Comportamento: Não é possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Combate corpo a corpo e à distância. Luta até a morte.
Localização: Laboratory, Marshland, Salamander's Cave e Treeling Dungeon.
Pode ser Puxado: Cross.png
Empurra Objetos: Tick.png
Adicionado: 9.8  (12 de dezembro de 2012)
Sons: "Gnark!"; "Crrrck!".
Loot: Comum: 0-12 Gold CoinsGold Coin.gif.
Incomum: Piece of Swampling WoodPiece of Swampling Wood.gif, Swampling ClubSwampling Club.gif, Swampling MossSwampling Moss.gif, White MushroomWhite Mushroom.gif.
Semi-raro: RopeRope.gif.
The Swamplings are probably somehow related to the haunted treelings that appear in the realm of the living only on special occasions. They are a mixture of plant and animal and are at least partially intelligent. Though it will not react to attempts of communication in any other way than by attacking, it is considered to be an established fact that the Swampling has some ability to react and plan ahead in ways unknown to most animals. Swamplings are known to build simple traps, set ambushes and to make use of the surroundings to kill their prey. Though it seems that Swamplings can live on water and fertile soil for indefinite periods of time, they prefer to spice up their diet with the corpses of once living beings. The Swamplings seem to prefer intelligent beings to mere animals as their prey. It is assumed that the cause for this is not necessity, but rather the Swampling's evil nature. The Swampling population in the known world has survived many attempts to purge them from certain areas or from existence as a whole by the sentient races. Even the most successful attempts have only managed to drive them back for a while though. It has to be assumed that the Swampling seeds take incredibly long to grow and lie dormant for years before they begin to sprout. Some theories assume they might mimic other plants in their growth phase until maturity and then rapidly change into their known and mobile form. There are at least no reports of Swampling saplings ever having been encountered. The Swamplings usually prefer humid areas with fertile soil but sometimes, small colonies can be found in otherwise unsuitable areas where they can prey upon intelligent beings or do them some kind of harm. Ancient reports from Darama tell about remote oases that were plagued by Swamplings who lay in wait for weakened travellers and even poisoned the water supply to ensure the demise of their victims.

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