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Zoltan.gif NPC Zoltan
Este NPC é Guild Leader
Jogador: hi

Zoltan: Welcome Jogador, student of the arcane arts. I teach the fiercest spells available.
Jogador: ferumbras
Zoltan: I see, you managed to reach Kharos, the harbinger isle, and discovered the gates to Ferumbras' citadel, and now you are here full of questions. Are you ready to listen?
Jogador: yes
Zoltan: So know that destroying the mortal shell of the being called Ferumbras was the best we were able to achieve with our combined efforts in the past. ...
Zoltan: He was destroyed not only once but several times. Eventually we were able to figure out the secret of his seeming immortality. ...
Zoltan: On one of the most remote islands of the Shattered Isles, he built a citadel with demonic aid right around a powerful magical nexus. ...
Zoltan: The only reason for the whole complex was to establish a point of return into our world. Whenever he is slain, his soul retreats to some demonic dimension to regain enough strength to re-enter the world. ...
Zoltan: We were not able to destroy his citadel, this unholy construct. To make matters worse, the nexus makes it easy for demons of all kind to pass into our world. ...
Zoltan: The best thing we could do was to seal the citadel and to install a device that will alarm us whenever Ferumbras tries to re-enter our world. ...
Zoltan: We grant heroes like you the permission to pass our seals and enter Ferumbras' citadel. ...
Zoltan: Just ask for the permission if you are ready to go there. Be warned that the citadel is no holiday place though. You will encounter large amounts of demons and traps that scare off most adventurers. ...
Zoltan: On the other hand, WHEN Ferumbras re-enters the world we need heroes like you to face him on his very own ground before he can escape. ...
Zoltan: His return is not very likely but it can happen each and every day. If you should manage to defeat him, bring a proof of his death here and you will be rewarded.
Jogador: permission
Zoltan: The attuning to our seals is a costly process and it will grant you access to the citadel ONLY ONCE. Each time you want to enter, you will need a new attuning. Are you willing to pay 500 gold pieces to become attuned to the seal of the citadel?
Jogador: yes
Zoltan: SO BE IT!
Jogador: bye

Zoltan: Use your knowledge wisely, Jogador.
Zoltan.gif NPC Zoltan
Este NPC é Guild Leader
Localização: Edron, Ivory Towers, dois andares acima, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Zoltan vende magias para druids, sorcerers, paladins e knights.

Ele pode lhe contar uma historia sobre o Ferumbras.

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Itens negociáveis:
Magia Level Custo
Mass Healing362 200 gp
Energy Bomb Rune372 300 gp
Divine Caldera503 000 gp
Paralyse Rune541 900 gp
Wrath of Nature556 000 gp
Rage of the Skies556 000 gp
Protector556 000 gp
Swift Foot556 000 gp
Eternal Winter608 000 gp
Hell's Core608 000 gp
Blood Rage608 000 gp
Sharpshooter608 000 gp
Fierce Berserk907 500 gp
Ultimate Terra Strike9015 000 gp
Ultimate Flame Strike9015 000 gp
Ultimate Ice Strike10015 000 gp
Ultimate Energy Strike10015 000 gp
Compra: Nada.