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Daniel Steelsoul.gif NPC Daniel Steelsoul
Este NPC é Herói
Jogador: Hi

Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor with you, Player!

Jogador: Name
Daniel Steelsoul: I am Sir Daniel Steelsoul of the Sacred Order of Banor's Blood.

Jogador: Excalibug
Daniel Steelsoul: With this weapon in my hand, I would teach the servants of darkness the true meaning of the word fear.

Jogador: Weapon
Daniel Steelsoul: Look for Willard, our local blacksmith.

Jogador: Cormaya
Daniel Steelsoul: It is a peaceful isle next to Edron with a nice village. You should visit the wonderful garden there.

Jogador: Ferumbras
Daniel Steelsoul: He searched something in the north of the isle years ago. Probably he needed something from the forbidden ruins. He was chased and fought by the troops of General Benjamin.

Jogador: General Benjamin
Daniel Steelsoul: Harkath Bloodblade declined the governorship because he's needed more in Thais.

Jogador: Forbidden ruins
Daniel Steelsoul: An ancient taboo forbids to enter the northern ruins.

Jogador: Acient taboo
Daniel Steelsoul: We thought it was only superstition and no one bothered that Kaine and his friends went there to hunt servants of evil that might have hidden there. So we did not notice the dark cult they started.

Jogador: Minotaur
Daniel Steelsoul: The minotaurs, though evil, were worthy opponents. After the treason of the man who is now known as Kaine Kinslayer, we lack the manpower to crush their cyclopean allies, too.

Jogador: Cyclopean/Cyclopolis
Daniel Steelsoul: They live in an underground city, known as Cyclopolis in the north of the isle. Constantly forging weapons for the servants of darkness.

Jogador: Royal Army
Daniel Steelsoul: The army protects the Thaian realm. The order of the Knights of Banor's Blood supports them with all our skills.

Jogador: Banor's Blood
Daniel Steelsoul: We believe that the blood of Banor runs through the veins of all humans. Therefore, we are responsible to live up to Banors standards and not to stain his legacy with sinful acts.

Jogador: Banor
Daniel Steelsoul: His spirit and blood are within us. Honour this fact or be cast into hell.

Jogador: Within Us/Job
Daniel Steelsoul: I am the governor of this isle, Edron, and grandmaster of the Knights of Banor's Blood.

Jogador: Edron
Daniel Steelsoul: This isle is rumoured to have been the home of a powerful ancient race which became extinct before the corpsewars. It was up to King Tibianus III to reclaim it for humanity and to found this colony.

Jogador: Colony
Daniel Steelsoul: With the Thaian army bound to other duties, our order was entrusted to secure the area. We defeated the evil minotaurs living right here and cleansed the isle of their unholy presence.

Jogador: Carlin
Daniel Steelsoul: I belong to a sacred order and don't care about mundane politics.

Jogador: Cult
Daniel Steelsoul: We know only little about them. Kaine and his fallen knights were joined by criminals and remaining forces of darkness that escaped us. They were joined by some ominous dark monks.

Jogador: Monks
Daniel Steelsoul: We don't know if they came here or already hid in the ruins when we arrived. Maybe they seduced Kaine or Agaltha, maybe they were theirs for years.

Jogador: Kazordoon
Daniel Steelsoul: Now and then a dwarf comes to this isle. Most behave secretive about their reason to come here. As far as I can tell, they are looking for some dwarfish artefact which was lost in ancient times.

Jogador: Amanda
Daniel Steelsoul: I think this nun might be a bit young for this position, but I won't question the decisions of the church of Banor's Blood.

Jogador: Falk
Daniel Steelsoul: A promising young fellow.

Jogador: Mirabell
Daniel Steelsoul: I hardly find the time to visit the tavern.

Jogador: Kaine
Daniel Steelsoul: He was my second in command. After learning about the forbidden ruins, he, the priestess Agaltha, and their followers freed the criminals we brought here as workers and headed to the north.

Jogador: Agaltha
Daniel Steelsoul: She was beautiful but seemed cold hearted. She spoke little to me, preferred the company of Kaine.

Jogador: Willard
Daniel Steelsoul: When he was young, Willard served in the royal army.
Jogador: Bye

Daniel Steelsoul: PRAISE TO BANOR!
Daniel Steelsoul.gif NPC Daniel Steelsoul
Este NPC é Herói
Localização: Castelo de Edron, (
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Notas: Governador de Edron, comissário pelo King Tibianus para administrar o dia a dia das operações, e para proteger o estabelecimento de algum perigo. Se você xingar ele, ele ira queimá-lo (causando 100 de dano).

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