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A Dark Priestess.gif NPC A Dark Priestess

Este NPC é Sacerdote

Jogador: hi

A Dark Priestess: Be greeted in peace ... for now.
Jogador: war
A Dark Priestess: Since the days before men walked Tibia, two races of demons wage war against each other in the halls above. The reasons for that war are that numerous that recalling half of them would require several weeks. ...
A Dark Priestess: And each day of war adds more reasons to it. The only reason for them to stop their war for a moment would be to crush any intruders.
Jogador: intruders
A Dark Priestess: The war of the demons has reach an eternal stalemate. Only intruders might tip the scales of favour for a while. But even the side profiting from such an intervention would not be grateful since they would feel their advantage is a cheated one. ...
A Dark Priestess: Should one side get considerably weakened, the other will take more hold in the complex. ...
A Dark Priestess: Eventually the more powerful side will be able to summon their leaders to our plane and will dominate the battlefield for a while. Eventually though, a backlash of the other demons will drive them back and the stalemate is restored.
Jogador: status
A Dark Priestess: The Shaburak/Askarak are in advantage right now.
Jogador: demon
A Dark Priestess: The word 'demon' is extremely imprecise. It is like a baby calling everything with four legs a 'cow'. ...
A Dark Priestess: There are demons that are more a tool than a sentient being. Then there are demons whose intellect dwarfs the greatest minds of humanity. ...
A Dark Priestess: Some are unique, others belong to races and subspecies and even in a given demon race the differences might be extreme. Jogador: Zathroth
A Dark Priestess: You misled fools know nothing about the truth. The lies that your temples feed you have poisoned your mind! ...
A Dark Priestess: Zathroth is the source of everything. When the other gods hesitated to do the necessary to start creation it was Zathroth who stepped forward and took it upon him to commit the great sacrifice.
Jogador: truth
A Dark Priestess: Even before the priests of Zathroth were banished from the cities, they spread lies to poison the mind of the people. ...
A Dark Priestess: When the priests had left it became even worse, and now after several generations of lies and propaganda, all what is left in the minds of the people is a fabricated scarecrow.
Jogador: sacrifice
A Dark Priestess: Zathroth teaches us that without sacrifice there is no progress and everything you gain is connected to a burden.
Jogador: burden
A Dark Priestess: A burden comes in many shapes. Often it is the burden of knowledge. Sometimes it is the burden of necessity.
Jogador: knowledge
A Dark Priestess: There is no knowledge that is forbidden. If you are powerful enough to take it, it is yours. Be aware though that knowledge for the sake of knowing alone is a sin in the eyes of Zathroth. ...
A Dark Priestess: Those who 'know' are entitled to act! The more you understand the more you are responsible to change things even when the ignorant world will blame you for that.
Jogador: necessity
A Dark Priestess: Doing the necessary is always a burden. Ignorant people will blame and fear you for your actions. Some things that have to be done are not going to make you popular. ...

A Dark Priestess: More often than not people won't understand your actions. Often it is not possible to explain things at all.
A Dark Priestess.gif NPC A Dark Priestess

Este NPC é Sacerdote

Localização: Na Demonwar Crypt, em Edron, (
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Adicionado: 9.1 (6 de julho de 2011)
Notas: Ela é uma sacerdotisa de Zathroth.
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