Deathling Scout

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Deathling Scout.gif
Deathling Scout
Hearthp.png 7200 Pontos de Vida Armor Icon.gif 72 de Armadura
Xpbestiary.png 6300 Pontos de Experiência (9450 com bônus) Haste Icon.gif 155 de Velocidade
Charm.gif 50 Charms
Físico.png Poisoned Icon.gif Burning Icon.gif Cursed Icon.gif
100%Neutro a Físico 110%Fraco a Terra 0%Imune a Fogo 90%Forte a Morte
Electrified Icon.gif Dazzled Icon.gif Freezing Icon.gif Heal Icon.png
110%Fraco a Energia 100%Neutro a Sagrado 0%Imune a Gelo 100%Neutro a Cura
Passa por:Fogo
Imunidades: Fogo Gelo Paralisia Invisibilidade
Ocorrência: Comum
Dificuldade: São necessários 2 500 abates para completar esta criatura.
Dano Estimado: 600? hp por turno.
Habilidades: Corpo a corpo (0-600?).
Comportamento: Não é possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Combate corpo a corpo e à distância. Luta até a morte.
Localização: Sunken Temple, The Ancestorial Ground.
Pode ser Puxado: Cross.png
Empurra Objetos: Tick.png
Adicionado: 11.80  (03 de julho de 2018)
Sons: UBOX°; O(J-"LJ-T =
Loot: Comum: 0-22 Crystalline ArrowsCrystalline Arrow.gif, 0-2 Deepling WartsDeepling Warts.gif, 0-12 Small EmeraldsSmall Emerald.gif, 0-24 Vortex BoltsVortex Bolt.gif.
Incomum: 0-1 Great Health PotionGreat Health Potion.gif, 0-1 Great Mana PotionGreat Mana Potion.gif, 0-6 Small Enchanted SapphiresSmall Enchanted Sapphire.gif, Deepling FiletDeepling Filet.gif, Deepling RidgeDeepling Ridge.gif, DeeptagsDeeptags.gif, Eye of a DeeplingEye of a Deepling.gif, Heavy TridentHeavy Trident.gif.
Semi-raro: Life RingLife Ring.gif, Warrior's AxeWarrior's Axe.gif, Warrior's ShieldWarrior's Shield.gif.
Raro: Fish FinFish Fin.gif, Necklace of the DeepNecklace of the Deep.gif.
Deathlings or elder deeplings are precursors to the current breed of Njey. With their fish-like appearance but an upright walk, both share a lot of features. Their origin has not been sufficiently studied and they were a mere myth to the younger Njey. Until they appeared on various sites all over Tibia - even on the surface. They once walked the surface in times long past and inherited their will to conquer the world to their descendants. It is unclear how their reappearance on this world came to be. What is in fact clear is that they have similar goals as the younger deeplings yet they are deadlier and more aggressive than anything that crawled out of the sea before them.

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