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Coltrayne.gif NPC Coltrayne
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas
Jogador: hi

Coltrayne: Hey there. Need some armor or weapon? Then ask me for a trade.
Jogador: trade
Coltrayne: Here you go. You can also have a look at armor or weapons only.
Jogador: job
Coltrayne: I'm a blacksmith by trade. Want to keep our lads and lasses safe and equipped with a sharp blade, me.
Jogador: name
Coltrayne: Coltrayne Daggard. Just ask me for a trade to see the latest in chain mail and weapons.
Jogador: rookgaard
Coltrayne: You mean to imply I am an inexperienced guardian? Get out of here.
Jogador: Coltrayne
Coltrayne: Yes. You wish to trade I guess. At least, you look like you could use some good gear, kid.
Jogador: Garamond
Coltrayne: Don't have much to say about him. Barely know him. Seems a decent spell teacher for mages.
Jogador: Hamish
Coltrayne: Good at potions. Likes experimenting. Can kit you out with magical equipment for a hunt.
Jogador: Inigo
Coltrayne: Gives newcomers hints how we do things here in Tibia. Don't know how to use something? Ask Inigo.
Jogador: Mr Morris
Coltrayne: He had a plan, as usual. Came here, set up the outpost, managed everything. Looking for a task or quest? He's your man.
Jogador: Oressa
Coltrayne: She's our local healer. Downstairs in the temple and oracle room, that's where she is. Just say 'heal' or 'help' and she'll help ya if you really need it.
Jogador: Plunderpurse
Coltrayne: Pirates and gold, you get the rest. Hoards gold now for young adventurers - keeps it safe while you go out hunting.
Jogador: Richard
Coltrayne: He's just in the next shop to the left, selling food and equipment like ropes and shovels and fishing rods and such.
Jogador: Ser Tybald

Coltrayne: I'm sure I've seen his face before somewhere... never mind. Anyway, he's the knight and paladin spell teacher around here, letting you try them out for free. Don't underestimate the use of spells, even if you're not a mage.
Coltrayne.gif NPC Coltrayne
Este NPC é Comerciante de Armas
Localização: Térreo do posto avançado da Adventurers' Guild em Dawnport, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 10.55 (15 de setembro de 2014)
Notas: Coltrayne fornecerá armas e armaduras para novos aventureiros.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Arrow Arrow.gif3 gp
Axe Axe.gif20 gp
Bolt Bolt.gif4 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif52 gp
Coat Coat.gif8 gp
Crossbow Crossbow.gif500 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif5 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif16 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif8 gp
Jacket Jacket.gif10 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif25 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet.gif12 gp
Leather Legs Leather Legs.gif10 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif15 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif25 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif30 gp
Simple Arrow Simple Arrow.gif2 gp
Spear Spear.gif10 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif63 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif50 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield.gif15 gp
Item Valor
Axe Axe.gif7 gp
Bone Club Bone Club.gif5 gp
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet.gif22 gp
Brass Shield Brass Shield.gif25 gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor.gif40 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet.gif12 gp
Copper Shield Copper Shield.gif50 gp
Dagger Dagger.gif2 gp
Doublet Doublet.gif3 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe.gif4 gp
Hatchet Hatchet.gif25 gp
Katana Katana.gif35 gp
Leather Armor Leather Armor.gif5 gp
Leather Boots Leather Boots.gif2 gp
Mace Mace.gif30 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield.gif40 gp
Rapier Rapier.gif5 gp
Sabre Sabre.gif12 gp
Short Sword Short Sword.gif10 gp
Spear Spear.gif3 gp
Studded Armor Studded Armor.gif10 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet.gif20 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs.gif15 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield.gif16 gp
Sword Sword.gif25 gp
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet.gif25 gp