The Djinn War - Efreet Faction

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600 gp, Achievement, Gemmed Lamp, permissão para negociar com Yaman e Alesar e a possibilidade de caçar Blue Djinns em Yalahar.
Mal'ouquah (
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Você enfrentará:
Blue Djinns, Marids, Orc Warlords, Orc Leaders, Fire Elementals, Orc Berserkers, Stone Golems, Scarabs e Orc Warriors. Outras criaturas fracas como Scorpions, alguns Orcs e Hyaenas.
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Alie-se aos grandes Efreets, uma raça poderosa quase esquecida pelas areias do tempo, para obter vitória contra os seus inimigos, os temidos Marids na eterna guerra entre djinns.

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Tabela de conteúdo

Aviso: Antes de começar esta quest, é recomendado a fazer a "To Appease the Mighty Quest". Uma vez que, após completar esta quest você perde o direito de fazê-la.


Há duas facções em guerra, os Blue Djinns (Marids) e os Green Djinns (Efreets). Eles estão interessados em comprar e vender equipamentos a bons preços, porém eles só irão negociar com quem eles confiam. Você deverá provar sua confiança a uma só facção de Djinns.


  • Vagando por Ankrahmun (
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    ), há um NPC chamado Melchior. Fale com ele. Ele lhe contará sobre suas experiências com os Djinns. Pergunte sobre a "Word of Greeting" e ele dirá que os Djinns se cumprimentam com a palavra "DJANNI'HAH". Agora você poderá entrar na fortaleza dos Djinns.



Jogador: hi

Melchior: Greetings, Jogador. I do not see your face, but I can read a thousand things in your voice!

Jogador: word of greeting
Melchior: The djinns have an ancient code of honour. This code includes a special concept of hospitality. Anybody who utters the word of greeting must not be attacked even if he is an enemy. Well, at least that is what the code says. ...
Melchior: I have found out, though, that this does not work at all times. There is no point to say the word of greeting to an enraged djinn. ...
Melchior: I can tell you the word of greeting if you're interested. It is DJANNI'HAH. Remember this word well, stranger. It might save your life one day. ...
Melchior: And keep in mind that you must choose sides in this conflict. You can only follow the Efreet or the Marid - once you have made your choice there is no way back. I know from experience that djinn do not tolerate double-crossing.

Jogador: bye

Melchior: Farewell, stranger. May Uman the Wise guide your steps in this treacherous land.

  • Vá à fortaleza dos Green Djinns. Primeiro, suba a rampa a oeste do oásis (
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    ) e siga o caminho para oeste.


  • Na fortaleza dos Green Djinns, fale com Ubaid. Diga a palavra "DJANNI'HAH" ao invés de "hi". Quando ele perguntar o que você está fazendo lá, diga "passage", quando ele mandar você sair, diga "no" e ele perguntará se você quer se unir à luta, diga "yes", ele então lhe dará então permissão para entrar na fortaleza dos Green Djinns.



Ubaid: What? You know the word, Jogador? All right then - I won't kill you. At least, not now.

Jogador: passage
Ubaid: Only the mighty Efreet, the true djinn of Tibia, may enter Mal'ouquah! ...
Ubaid: All Marids and little worms like yourself should leave now or something bad may happen. Am I right?

Jogador: no
Ubaid: Of cour... Huh!? No!? I can't believe it! ...
Ubaid: You... you got some nerves... Hmm. ...
Ubaid: Maybe we have some use for someone like you. Would you be interested in working for us. Helping to fight the Marid?

Jogador: yes
Ubaid: So you pledge loyalty to king Malor and you are willing to never ever set foot on Marids' territory, unless you want to kill them? Yes?

Jogador: yes
Ubaid: Well then - welcome to Mal'ouquah. ...
Ubaid: Go now to general Baa'leal and don't forget to greet him correctly! ...

Ubaid: And don't touch anything!
  • Entre na fortaleza e fale com Baa'Leal. Quando você disser "mission" ao Baa'Leal, ele lhe pedirá que você encontre o ladrão de suprimentos, em Carlin.



Recebendo a Missão


Baa'leal: You know the code human! Very well then... What do you want, Jogador?

Jogador: mission
Baa'leal: Each mission and operation is a crucial step towards our victory! ...
Baa'leal: Now that we speak of it ...
Baa'leal: Since you are no djinn, there is something you could help us with. Are you interested, human?

Jogador: yes
Baa'leal: Well ... All right. You may only be a human, but you do seem to have the right spirit. ...
Baa'leal: Listen! Since our base of operations is set in this isolated spot we depend on supplies from outside. These supplies are crucial for us to win the war. ...
Baa'leal: Unfortunately, it has happened that some of our supplies have disappeared on their way to this fortress. At first we thought it was the Marid, but intelligence reports suggest a different explanation. ...
Baa'leal: We now believe that a human was behind the theft! ...
Baa'leal: His identity is still unknown but we have been told that the thief fled to the human settlement called Carlin. I want you to find him and report back to me. Nobody messes with the Efreet and lives to tell the tale! ...
Baa'leal: Now go! Travel to the northern city Carlin! Keep your eyes open and look around for something that might give you a clue!

Jogador: bye

Baa'leal: Stand down, soldier!

  • Vá para Carlin e fale com a xerife Shauna (
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    ), pergunte a ela sobre o Water Pipe que está em uma das celas. Ela contará uma história e o enviará a Thais.



Jogador: hi

Shauna: Howdy!

Jogador: job
Shauna: What do you think? I am the sheriff of Carlin.

Jogador: water pipe
Shauna: Oh, there's a waterpipe in one of my cells? ...
Shauna: I guess my last prisoner forgot it there.

Jogador: prisoner
Shauna: My last prisoner? Hmm. ...
Shauna: I think he was some guy from Darama. Can't remember his name. ...
Shauna: He was here just for one night, because he got drunk and annoyed our citizens. ...
Shauna: Obviously he wasn't pleased with this place, because he headed for Thais the next day. ...
Shauna: Something tells me that he won't stay out of trouble for too long.

Jogador: bye

  • Entre na Prisão de Thais (descendo as escadas
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    ) e ache o NPC prisioneiro no andar de baixo. Fale sobre "Ankrahmun" e pergunte sobre os "supplies". Lembre-se do nome do prisioneiro (Partos), pois precisará disso depois.


Jogador: hi

Partos: Welcome to my little kingdom, Jogador.

Jogador: prison
Partos: You mean that's a JAIL? They told me it's the finest hotel in town! THAT explains the lousy roomservice!

Jogador: ankrahmun
Partos: Yes, I've lived in Ankrahmun for quite some time. Ahh, good old times! ...
Partos: Unfortunately I had to relocate. <sigh> ...
Partos: Business reasons - you know.

Jogador: supplies
Partos: What!? I bet, Baa'leal sent you! ...
Partos: I won't tell you anything! Shove off!

Jogador: bye

Partos: Good bye, visit me again. I will be here, promised.
  • Volte ao Baa'Leal e fale que completou a missão, depois diga "Partos". Ele lhe dará 600 gp e dirá para falar com Alesar sobre uma missão.



Baa'leal: You are still alive, Jogador? Well, what do you want?

Jogador: mission
Baa'leal: Did you find the thief of our supplies?

Jogador: yes
Baa'leal: Finally! What is his name then?

Jogador: partos
Baa'leal: You found the thief! Excellent work, soldier! You are doing well - for a human, that is. Here - take this as a reward. ...
Baa'leal: Since you have proven to be a capable soldier, we have another mission for you. ... Baa'leal: If you are interested go to Alesar and ask him about it.

Jogador: hail malor
Baa'leal: Hail to our great leader!

Jogador: bye

Baa'leal: Stand down, soldier!
  • Diga "mission" para Alesar e ele lhe contará que há um item chamado "Tear of Daraman", que está em poder dos Blue Djinns. Ele quer que você o roube e entregue a ele.



Alesar: What do you want from me, Jogador?

Jogador: mission
Alesar: So Baa'leal thinks you are up to do a mission for us? ...
Alesar: I think he is getting old, entrusting human scum such as you are with an important mission like that. ...
Alesar: Personally, I don't understand why you haven't been slaughtered right at the gates. ... Alesar: Anyway. Are you prepared to embark on a dangerous mission for us?

Jogador: yes
Alesar: All right then, human. Have you ever heard of the 'Tears of Daraman'? ...
Alesar: They are precious gemstones made of some unknown blue mineral and possess enormous magical power. ...
Alesar: If you want to learn more about these gemstones don't forget to visit our library. ...
Alesar: Anyway, one of them is enough to create thousands of our mighty djinn blades. ...
Alesar: Unfortunately my last gemstone broke and therefore I'm not able to create new blades anymore. ...
Alesar: To my knowledge there is only one place where you can find these gemstones - I know for a fact that the Marid have at least one of them. ...
Alesar: Well... to cut a long story short, your mission is to sneak into Ashta'daramai and to steal it. ...
Alesar: Needless to say, the Marid won't be too eager to part with it. Try not to get killed until you have delivered the stone to me.

Jogador: bye

Alesar: Finally.


  • Suba até o quarto andar, um acima dos fire elementals. Procure duas fontes no lado direito da sala. Durante a subida, você enfrentará muitos Blue Djinns, Marids, alguns Fire Elementals e Scarabs.

Cuidado!: No 3º andar, você pode enfrentar até 5 Blue Djinns, 1 Marid, 4 Fire Elementals e 2 Scarabs, logo após subir as escadas!

  • Quando achar as duas fontes, use a que está ao norte. Haverá ondulações na água e a Tear of Daraman aparecerá.

Atenção! o Tear of Daraman aparecerá no chão, lembre-se de pegá-lo.

  • Volte para o Alesar e diga que completou a missão.



Alesar: What do you want from me, Jogador?

Jogador: mission
Alesar: Did you find the tear of Daraman?

Jogador: yes
Alesar: So you have made it? You have really managed to steal a Tear of Daraman? ... Alesar: Amazing how you humans are just impossible to get rid of. Incidentally, you have this character trait in common with many insects and with other vermin. ...
Alesar: Nevermind. I hate to say it, but it you have done us a favour, human. That gemstone will serve us well. ...
Alesar: Baa'leal, wants you to talk to Malor concerning some new mission. ...
Alesar: Looks like you have managed to extended your life expectancy - for just a bit longer.

Jogador: bye

Alesar: Finally.



Malor: Greetings, human Jogador. My patience with your kind is limited, so speak quickly and choose your words well.

Jogador: mission
Malor: I guess this is the first time I entrust a human with a mission. And such an important mission, too. But well, we live in hard times, and I am a bit short of adequate staff. ...
Malor: Besides, Baa'leal told me you have distinguished yourself well in previous missions, so I think you might be the right person for the job. ...
Malor: But think carefully, human, for this mission will bring you close to certain death. Are you prepared to embark on this mission?

Jogador: yes
Malor: Well, listen. We are trying to acquire the ultimate weapon to defeat Gabel: Fa'hradin's lamp! ...
Malor: At the moment it is still in the possession of that good old friend of mine, the Orc King, who kindly released me from it. ...
Malor: However, for some reason he is not as friendly as he used to be. You better watch out, human, because I don't think you will get the lamp without a fight. ...
Malor: Once you have found the lamp you must enter Ashta'daramai again. Sneak into Gabel's personal chambers and exchange his sleeping lamp with Fa'hradin's lamp! ...
Malor: If you succeed, the war could be over one night later!

Jogador: bye

Malor: Farewell, human. When I have taken my rightful place I shall remember those who served me well. Even if they are only humans.


The Orc King.gif
Jogador: hi

The Orc King: Arrrrgh! A dirty paleskin! To me my children! Kill them my guards!

Jogador: hi
The Orc King: Harrrrk! You think you are strong now? You shall never escape my wrath! I am immortal!

Jogador: lamp
The Orc King: I can sense your evil intentions to imprison a djinn! You are longing for the lamp, which I still possess. ...
The Orc King: Who do you want to trap in this cursed lamp?

Jogador: malor
The Orc King: I was waiting for this day! Take the lamp and let Malor feel my wrath!

Jogador: bye

The Orc King: We will meet again.
  • Quando receber a lamp, você precisará levá-la à Blue Djinn Fortress e colocá-la dentro do quarto de Gabel.
  • Quando você encontrar, use sua lamp na que está próxima à estante.


  • Volte e fale com Malor na fortaleza dos Green Djinns, dizendo que completou a missão. Você agora poderá comprar e vender equipamentos aos Green Djinns.
Achievement.gif Após completar a quest, você receberá o achievement "Efreet Ally ".



Malor: Greetings, human Jogador. My patience with your kind is limited, so speak quickly and choose your words well.

Jogador: mission
Malor: Have you found Fa'hradin's lamp and placed it in Malor's personal chambers?

Jogador: yes
Malor: Well well, human. So you really have made it - you have smuggled the modified lamp into Gabel's bedroom! ...
Malor: I never thought I would say this to a human, but I must confess I am impressed. ...
Malor: Perhaps I have underestimated you and your kind after all. ...
Malor: I guess I will take this as a lesson to keep in mind when I meet you on the battlefield. ...
Malor: But that's in the future. For now, I will confine myself to give you the permission to trade with my people whenever you want to. ...

Malor: Farewell, human!

Nota: Ao completar a quest, ela aparecerá no Quest Log agrupada a outras quests com o nome "Factions".

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