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Squeekquek.gif NPC Squeekquek
Este NPC é Roleplay
Jogador: hi

Squeekquek: Don't kill! Don't kill! Me good Corym. Me no doing harm!
Jogador: job
Squeekquek: Me simple Corym is. Me doing some hauling in the market.
Jogador: market
Squeekquek: It's big market for everything. Other Corym come here to sell stuff they have ... found, yes, yes. And people come here to buy and sell stuff. Market is open only for trusted customers. This excludes you, of course.
Jogador: people
Squeekquek: Different people come here for trade. People who not ... wanted other place. Or who wanted there, that is, yes, yes. Here people are all equal welcome. ...
Squeekquek: Who has good gold is good people here and welcome. Here are people from all places of world. Often traveling through secret Corym tunnels and paying for passage.
Jogador: trade
Squeekquek: Corym market begun with few Corym and a leader who traded food to humans who where on the run for stuff they had found in someone else's home. ...
Squeekquek: Corym spread word they would trade and others came. Corym got better stuff and more space. More people come and more gold and good stuff for Corym. Nasty goblins wanted competition but Corym grew in number and chased nasty goblins away.
Jogador: leader
Squeekquek: Raticus was great leader full of shrewd ideas and cunning. He saw potential in trading with others, being neutral party between all. ...
Squeekquek: Built great trading empire and had even greater plans but he died too young.
Jogador: plans
Squeekquek: Raticus ever had great plans. Market idea was just one of them, yes, yes. He other great ideas had. He once was training big tortoises to become his bodyguards and the like! ...
Squeekquek: His ultimate plan though was get enough money to found expeditions to find the holy land of Corym prophecies.
Jogador: prophecies
Squeekquek: The prophecies speak of the holy land that Corym once will find. If they spread enough they one day will find the promised land of milk and cheese, Mousetralia!
Jogador: died
Squeekquek: He choked on his food. Poor Raticus. Leader of market are always in bad luck. All die fast and competitors too. The great cheese puts big burden on his chosen.
Jogador: cheese
Squeekquek: You not know about great cheese? But great cheese created everything! One day big cheese found lonlely and created whole world out of parts of his cheesy body. ...
Squeekquek: That is why Corym could eat almost everything. Corym alway where his favourite because they admired cheese that much and cheese is what is most similar to the godly cheesedom. ...
Squeekquek: But first Corym grew greedy and fat. Almost devoured whole creation of big cheese. Therefore big cheese made it that not each creature could eat anything any longer. ...
Squeekquek: Praised be the big cheese and his wisdom in all his cheesynes!
Jogador: chosen
Squeekquek: Sometimes the big cheese chooses his champions amongst the Corym. They are fierce fighters, skilled looters, great diggers, shrewd leaders and the like. ...
Squeekquek: They become famous, rich and powerful but often fall prey to strange accidents. That is because big cheese is constantly testing them and if they fall, they are not worthy.
Jogador: stuff
Squeekquek: Other Corym sell stuff that they acquired elsewhere. Buy weapons from Cyclopses and sell them to orc and the like. But selling stuff to anyone is the rule here. ...
Squeekquek: Also sell lodge to people who on the run or looking for job. Some come here to sell stuff that they can't sell other where. Stuff they took and owner might looking. ...
Squeekquek: Some come here to fight and some Corym arrange that, too. Others just come here to spend the money they ... got somehow.
Jogador: fight
Squeekquek: Some people liking fighting, others liking to bet their money. Me people eagerly deliver what is wanted.
Jogador: bye

Squeekquek: So long!
Squeekquek.gif NPC Squeekquek
Este NPC é Roleplay
Localização: No subsolo da Corym's Cave, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 10.80 (21 de julho de 2015)
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