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One-Eyed Joe.gif NPC One-Eyed Joe

Este NPC é Pirata

Jogador: hi

One-Eyed Joe: Hello there. I'm sorry, I hardly noticed you. I'm a bit nervous. The spooky sounds down there, you know.
Jogador: name
One-Eyed Joe: I'm One-Eyed Joe. From Josephina, got that? And I regard this eye patch as a personal feature of beauty!
Jogador: job
One-Eyed Joe: I'm a pirate. Normally I'm sailing the seas, boarding other ships and gathering treasures. But at the moment my captain graciously assigned me to watch this cursed entrance.

Para pegar a task

Jogador: hi
Jogador: sounds
One-Eyed Joe: These caves are incredibly beautiful, crystals in vibrant colours grow there like exotic flowers. There are more than a few captains who send down their men in order to quarry the precious crystals. ...
One-Eyed Joe: But there are few volunteers. Often the crystal gatherers disappear and are never seen again. Other poor fellows then meet their former shipmates in the form of ghosts or skeletons. It's a cursed area, something evil is down there!
Jogador: crystals
One-Eyed Joe: In my humble opinion a pirate should win a fortune by boarding ships not by crawling through caves and tunnels. But who am I to bring into question the captain's decision. All I know is that they sell the crystals at a high price. ...
One-Eyed Joe: A certain amount of the crystals is ground to crystal dust with a special kind of mill. Don't ask me why. Some kind of magical component perhaps that they sell to mages and sorcerers.
Jogador: cursed
One-Eyed Joe: As for myself I haven't been down there. But I heard some disturbing rumours. In these caves are wonderful crystal formations. Some more poetically inclined fellows call them the crystal gardens. ...
One-Eyed Joe: At first glance it seems to be a beautiful - and precious - surrounding. But in truth, deep down in these caverns exists an old evil. Want to hear more?
Jogador: yes
One-Eyed Joe: The evil I mentioned is a strange crystal, imbued with some kind of unholy energy. It is very hard to destroy, no weapon is able to shatter the thing. Maybe a jarring, very loud sound could destroy it. ...
One-Eyed Joe: I heard of creatures, that are able to utter ear-splitting sounds. Don't remember the name, though. Would you go down there and try to destroy the crystal?
Jogador: yes
One-Eyed Joe: Great! Good luck and be careful down there!

Jogador: hi
One-Eyed Joe: Ah, the brave adventurer who sought to destroy the evil crystal down there. Have you been successful?
Jogador: yes
One-Eyed Joe: Hmm ... No, I don't think so. I still feel this strange prickling in my toes.
Jogador: hi

Jogador: hi
One-Eyed Joe: Ah, the brave adventurer who sought to destroy the evil crystal down there. Have you been successful?
Jogador: no
One-Eyed Joe: Too bad.

Dica para proteger os ouvidos

Jogador: protect ears
One-Eyed Joe: Protect your ears? Hmm ... Wasn't there some fabulous seafarer who used wax or something to plug his ears? There was a story about horrible bird-women or something ...? No, sounds like hogwash, doesn't it.

Reportando a Task

Jogador: hi

One-Eyed Joe: Well done! But know this: The cursed crystal seems to regenerate over time. It could be necessary to come back and repeat whatever you have done down there.
One-Eyed Joe.gif NPC One-Eyed Joe

Este NPC é Pirata

Localização: Ao leste dos barcos de Nargor, (
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Adicionado: 10.70 (10 de dezembro de 2014)

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