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Elathriel.gif NPC Elathriel
Este NPC é Caste Leader
==== Elves ====

Jogador: elves
Elathriel: My people are divided in castes in these times, until they comprehend that only the way of the [Kuridai]] can save us all.

Jogador: Cenath
Elathriel: Arrogant bastards, but they wield quite powerful magics.

Jogador: Teshial
Elathriel: Dreamers are of no practical use. I don't mourn their demise.

Jogador: Deraisim
Elathriel: Confused cowards. With all their skill they still tend to hide and run. What a waste.

Jogador: Kuridai
Elathriel: We are the heart of the elven society. We forge, we build, and we don't allow our people to be pushed around.


Jogador: hi
Elathriel: Be greeted Player.

Jogador: army
Elathriel: It's one of the more useful concepts we can learn from the other races.

Jogador: door
Elathriel: For safety we keep the door to the hellgate locked all times. I have the keys to open it when needed.

Jogador: hellgate
Elathriel: It was here among other structures, like the depot tower, before our people came here. It's secured by a sealed door.

Jogador: key
Elathriel: If you are that curious, do you want to buy a key for 5000 gold? Don't blame me if you get sucked in.

Jogador: no
Elathriel: Believe me, it's better for you that way.

Jogador: king
Elathriel: It's hard for some of my people to grasp the true concept of a strong leader.

Jogador: magic
Elathriel: I mastered some spells of battle.

Jogador: name
Elathriel: Not that I like to talk to you, but I am Elathriel Shadowslayer.

Jogador: Tibianus ou Eloise
Elathriel: A human weakling, not much more.

Jogador: time
Elathriel: I couldn't care less.

Jogador: druids
Elathriel: Druids' magic is to peaceful for my taste.

Jogador: sorcerers
Elathriel: I have seen human sorcerers doing some impressive things ... before they died.

Jogador: dwarfs
Elathriel: We might use the shelter earth and hills provide us, but their obsession for metal is a waste of time.

Jogador: trolls
Elathriel: Like all inferior races they can be at least used for something good. The other castes are just jealous about our use of them.

Jogador: Excalibug
Elathriel: I still doubt it exists.

Jogador: Ferumbras
Elathriel: Even if he'd walk through the town above the other castes won't see the necessity to follow OUR way.

Jogador: bye

Elathriel: Asha Thrazi, stranger.
Elathriel.gif NPC Elathriel
Este NPC é Caste Leader
Localização: Prisão de Ab'Dendriel, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Notas: Elathriel Shadowslayer é responsavel pelos prisioneiros, e é o guarda do Hellgate. Membro da Casta Kuridai. Vende algumas magias para Druids.
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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Key 3012 Copper Key.gif5 000 gp

Magia Level Custo
Light Magic Missile Rune15500 gp
Heavy Magic Missile Rune251 500 gp
Explosion Rune311 800 gp
Avalanche Rune301 200 gp
Stalagmite Rune241 400 gp
Terra Wave382 500 gp
Ice Wave18850 gp