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In this year of 2016, we interviewed the lead content designer of CipSoft, Eudocia.

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Tibia Wiki: Who is Eudocia? In briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies, your life, and especially about his work at CipSoft and how Tibia came into his life.

Eudocia: I'm 37 years old. I am into role playing games, be it on the computer, larp or pen&paper. I also love all sorts of comics. I am a mother of two, and my oldest son comes really after me. His favorite leasure time activity is playing with his XBox 360. Since games have always been in my life, I simply had to apply when I saw a job offer by CipSoft in 2014. I got the job and have been working in Tibia's content team ever since. When Count Tofifti left CipSoft, I took over his position as team lead.

Tibia Wiki: Do you play Tibia? What is your vocation and your level?
Eudocia: I do play Tibia in my leasure time, however, rather sporadic. So my paladin is still below the magic threshold of level 100. For my work in the content team, I do play characters of all vocations and level ranges though. A test server and god spells come in very handy at times... ;)

Tibia Wiki: What change do you think that most caused impact on Tibia economy?
Eudocia: I'm not sure what you are referring to here. The way I understand the question, I'll have to reply with the premium scrolls when they were introduced, or more recently, the introduction of Tibia coins. From a content team perspective though, I'm rather curious about the impact that the imbuing system will have on the economy, since creature products are needed for it. I'm curious about how all that will play out in the long run.

Tibia Wiki: Do you think that the economy of the game is bad?
Eudocia: "Bad" is not a very specific term. The situation of Tibia's economy can't really be analysed in just one or two sentences. I might not be qualified to give a profound answer to this question, I'm afraid. We watch the develeopment of Tibia's economy and interfere when we feel it is really necessary.

Tibia Wiki: Do you think Tibia Coins was a positive thing for the economy?
Eudocia: In general I would say "yes".

Tibia Wiki: How the existing black market today influences the game economy?
Eudocia: This economy topic is actually not my area of expertise. The black market for Tibia is not different to any other black market, I suppose. It seems obvious that there is a correlation between ingame prices and black market prices, so an influence seems to be given.

Tibia Wiki: Currently, we've many high levels in Tibia and is much easier to get some items once considered rares, you think this is related?
Eudocia: Yes, I would say there is a relation. The longer rare items are ingame, and the more people there are with higher levels, the more of these rare items will be ingame. That's a pretty natural development.

Tibia Wiki: Has any plan to difficult players to catch level and decrease the amount of high levels in the game? A lot of high levels in game is something negative?
Eudocia: On principle, the amount of high levels in a game is not a negative thing. Players play the game and gain more levels. It's one of Tibia's features that there is really no end. The development of levels simply has to be regarded when creating content for Tibia. I am not aware of any plans to make it harder for people to level up, or to decrease the amount of high levels in any way.

Entrevista Eudocia 2016 3.png
Tibia Wiki: Currently, we've many items and quests to players up to level 250, Tibia is a game for mid-level players? Do you think the game loses the fun to high-level players, like above 400?

Eudocia: When developing content, we focus on the level ranges that most players are currently at, trying not to neglect the other level ranges. So Tibia offers quests and content for all level ranges. Lower levels, mid-levels and high levels. I'd be a bit surprised if a player above level 400 would actually not find a single thing to do in Tibia that would be fun or challenging.

Tibia Wiki: What is the difficulty to create content for very high level players?
Eudocia: Hmm... I would say it is connecting the quests to Tibia's lore. You have to make sure that you are not keeping an important development of the lore from most of your players. That's really a danger when you create content for very high level players. You cannot be sure that the majority of people will ever reach that point. So they might miss out on an important part of the story you are telling.

Tibia Wiki: How's going the changes in relation to the vocation balancing?
Eudocia: There are currently no concrete plans to actively work on vocation balancing. I would not expect anything in that direction in medium terms.

Tibia Wiki: In 2014, a new concept of vocation was presented to the players, you still work with this project or it has been abandoned?
Eudocia: I assume you are referring to the vocation definitions that were presented for discussion in a Dev Note back then. We are currently not working on this. I can't exclude though that this topic will never come up again. It is really not in our focus at the moment, though.

Tibia Wiki: For long time, players ask for an revision in vocations and this has already promised, but so far we haven't had anything in this, what are the difficulty to work in this area?
Eudocia: Tibia has been growing for 20 years - and with it, the vocations, the complexity of the game, and the players who have grown very accustomed to their characters, too. If you want to change anything, you have to be very very careful. You do not want to destroy anything for the players, and you simply cannot risk breaking anything in the game itself. The grown complexity is the biggest difficulty, I would say.

Tibia Wiki: What we can expect for the future of vocations? Has any dev note or something to share? We can expect news on this in 2017?
Eudocia: I would guess not. For the first half of 2017, I can pretty much exclude it already. For the second half, I remain pretty doubtful as well. It's not me making the decisions, though. Tibia's product management decides which projects will be worked on.

Tibia Wiki: Has any plan to revise old creatures? We can expect a return of the Council Board?
Eudocia: There is currently no plan for a retun of the Council Board, I would not rule it out categorically, though. Concerning the revision of old creatures, Í have not heard about any definite plans. So in the nearer future this will most likely not become a bigger topic.

Tibia Wiki: What was the idea behind the Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest? Do you believe that this may decrease the rarity of a boss, before exclusive in raids? There plans to create quests for other famous bosses?
Eudocia: Ferumbras Ascendant is a challenging quest, we would consider it content for the higher levels. The idea behind it was to develop a legendary topic a bit further, to continue telling a suspenseful story. I don't think that this newer questline decreases the value of Ferumbras or the importance of Ferumbras for Tibia. The questline is an extension of the story, and not a devaluation. It is indeed possible that something similar might happen with other famous bosses in the future.

Tibia Wiki: In your opinion, the challenges to kill bosses don't exist anymore? We know that players are more stronger and kill more faster nowadays, has any plan to revise the creatures spells, like with the AI, to give more difficult battles?
Eudocia: We indeed try to keep fighting in Tibia challenging, for example, by adding new spells to creatures. Throughout Tibia's past, every now and then creatures have received updates on their ways to make the life of players harder. It has happened this winter update, too.

Tibia Wiki: Many employees have shared the desire to create a craft-system in Tibia, you think we're close to that or we are still far?
Eudocia: The winter update brought the imbuing system to Tibia. A real crafting system in the sense of creating completely new items by combining different raw materials is rather far away, I would say, though. Some would argue that activities like baking a cake, for example, is a little bit of crafting in Tibia. :)

Tibia Wiki: How long does take for an idea to be discussed and implemented in the game? By what steps this idea must pass?
Eudocia: That can actually take a long time, depending on the topic of the idea. Sometimes a lot of research needs to be done, risks have to be analysed and evaluated. To give you a general estimate though, one idea can make it into the game in just one update cycle. Let's say we plan on implementing a new area. We discuss the idea, then it's decided, it gets built, it gets tested, bugs get fixed, it goes online. That could all happen in the course of about half a year.

Tibia Wiki: Do you believe that a new client can be the solution to the botters?
Eudocia: The solution for the botting problem cannot be one single element, in my opinion. Also the Tibia 11 client was not built with the focus on solving the botting problem. It was built to keep Tibia fit for the future.

Tibia Wiki: Finally, leave a message for all Brazilians and to the readers of this interview!
Eudocia: I hope you all are enjoying Tibia's content! Thanks for your interest, and a happy holiday season to Brazil! May 2017 be a great year!

We hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we enjoyed making it.

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