Sea of Light Quest

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1500 exp, 10 Small Diamonds e 1 Yellow Gem.
Edron, Lost Mines e Vega (início aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Você enfrentará:
Rats, Orcs, Undead Prospectors e Undead Mine Workers.
The Collector.
Level: Premium: Dificuldade: Extras:
(Recomendado: 20)
Tick.png Fácil

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Duração da QuestGrupo
Curta 1 jogador

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O grande astrônomo Spectulus precisa de sua ajuda para construir um dispositivo capaz de navegar no mar de luz.

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Aviso: Caso você precise checar se esta quest já está completa, ela fica organizada no artigo Loose Ends (Somente em personagens criados recentemente) em seu Quest Log.



Missão 01: The Plans

Encontre o NPC Spectulus no último andar do prédio central da Noodles Academy of Modern Magic em Edron, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png). Chegando lá, peça uma mission e depois aceite yes. Spectulus vai lhe contar que ele quer construir um dispositivo capaz de navegar o "mar de luz".
Ele ouviu falar de um certo inventor que criou os planos para tal ferramenta, mas ele ficou louco em um experimento e vaga em Edron como um mendigo.

Falando com Spectulus

Jogador: hi

Spectulus: Hello jogador! You're late, do you have no concept of time? My mission is of utmost importance. If you are not interested in helping me, you might as well just leave.
Jogador: mission
Spectulus: Alright, you look bright enough to fulfil my requests - at aleast you do not fall asleep while standing there. Ahem... I heard about a certain inventor who created a magic device to actually sail the sea of light. Will you help me find him?
Jogador: yes

Spectulus: That's the spirit! As time is of the essence, we should start right now. A beggar here in Edron brags about how smart he is and that he knows about a man who lost his sanity because of an experiment, but he won't tell anyone any details. Maybe he knows more.

Com os 5 gps em mãos, procure pelo NPC Shoddy Beggar, no lado de fora do castelo, a oeste do depot, aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png. Nesta parte o pobre beggar acabará pedindo um pouco de dinheiro. Chegando lá, fale o seguinte:hi, spare, yes, device, scientist, 5x yes, no, 2x yes, no e por último yes.

Falando com o mendigo

Shoddy Beggar.gif
Shoddy Beggar: What do you want? Listen to the old madman? If you have nothing to spare, leave me alone.

Jogador: spare
Shoddy Beggar: Hmm, if you can spare a coin... we can talk. What do you say?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Thank you very much... plans you say? I don't know what you are talking about. Plans for a magic... device? And the people call ME crazy.
Jogador: device
Shoddy Beggar: Persistent little nuisance, aren't we? Well, I like your spirit so I will tell you a secret. I may not look the part but I was once a scientist. The academy seemed to not like my... attitude and never actually invited me.
Jogador: scientist
Shoddy Beggar: Indeed, I was one myself a long time ago. I may seem a little... distracted by now, but I was working on many important projects. I even created a device to... well, it will cost you another gold coin if you want me to tell you the whole story. You're in?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Alright, it seems you are serious about this. I will tell you about my device. Every night I looked up to the stars and wondered what worlds we would be able to find if we could just look where we wanted to. So... hey are you still listening?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Good, good. So eventually I found a way and invented a magic device I called the Lightboat. It was a large construction you could sit in and... well, judging by your looks you don't believe a word. Do you want to hear the story or not?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Fine. For years I gathered all the necessary items to build the device. I travelled, traded and took advantage of some rare opportunities. With luck and patience I eventually got every component I needed. Can you imagine the excitement I experienced?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: And there I stood before my greatest invention. Door to unknown places, mysterious worlds... yet one of my components was flawed. A small crack in a vital element of my construction quickly led to the failure of the whole project. Still following?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: The device was ultimately destroyed. I barely escaped the chaos with my life. My laboratory was shattered, as were all the components of the cursed device. With nothing left, I started to lead a new, different life. Do you know what that means?
Jogador: no
Shoddy Beggar: Thought so. It means starting anew, without any home, money or goal in your life. However, it also opens up opportunities... don't you agree?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Right... I'm glad everything was destroyed. I don't even know why I kept the remaining copy of the plans all those years... oh, did I say this aloud?
Jogador: yes
Shoddy Beggar: Yes, well... I do have one remaining copy of the plans. I will keep them as a... reminder. Such ill-fated devices only cause trouble and despair. Mankind would be better off, without them, right?
Jogador: no
Shoddy Beggar: Hm, maybe you are right. You could give these plans to someone who might be able to finish this project. Someone who will not make the mistakes I made. Someone... hm, do you know the astronomer Spectulus?
Jogador: yes

Shoddy Beggar: Well, to be honest, I envy him a little. He can continue his research in his laboratory. He still has working equipment... I sometimes read his publications. He is an able man, but completely on the wrong track... give these plans to him.


Depois disso, ele vai lhe entregar o Plans for a Strange Device. Entregue-o para Spectulus e espere por 30 minutos.

Voltando ao Spectulus com os planos

Jogador: mission
Spectulus: So have you talked to the beggar? What did he tell you? Where are the plans...? Wh...? He did? He is? You've already got the plans? Beautiful!! Amazing! Alright it will take some time to recapitulate these plans.

Missão 02: The Collector

Após esperar o tempo necessário, volte até Spectulus e peça por uma mission. Ele vai dizer que precisa de um "espelho de cristal", que é bastante raro. Uma criatura chamada "Coletor, faz uma coleção de cristais, e ele tem o qual é necessário. Entretanto, para entrar no esconderijo dele, você precisa fazer uma doação de um outro cristal.

Falando com Spectulus

Jogador: mission

Spectulus: ...connects to N942. Alright!! That's it! I just finished a prototype device! And it looks like I figured out the initial failure. A very special crystal is needed for the device to work. Aren't you as curious as me to know what went wrong?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: The device needs a special crystal. It's called mirror crystal. The inventor somehow damaged it - with fatal results. He had to gave up, as no second crystal was left to try. I, however, know of another one... but are you up to the task?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: One remaining mirror crystal is in the hands of a creature called the collector which collects all kinds of crystals. The only way to get access to its lair is to donate a very rare crystal to a secret well. I need you to get one, will you help me?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: Alright, now listen. West of Edron, near the ocean, you'll find the Lost Mines. Go down there to recover one of its rare crystals. But beware, people say the mine workers who died there years ago in an horrible accident are still digging. ...

Spectulus: I will mark the location of the mines on your map. Be careful when entering these muddy depths and don't forget that you will need a pick to gather the crystals.

Então, Spectulus vai mandar você encontrar um cristal para servir como uma doação para a criatura. Ele vai marcar no seu mapa a localização da "Lost Mines". Siga o X abaixo para encontrar a mina e o cristal (não esqueça sua pick!). Para chegar no local, você deve entrar pelos esgotos de Edron aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png. Só há um caminho a seguir. Você não conseguirá obter o cristal antes de aceitar a missão.


Após entrar na cave, siga o caminho e use sua pick no cristal, no lado esquerdo da cave.


Volte até Spectulus e entregue sua missão. A recompensa desta parte é 500 de exp.

Após entregar o cristal

Jogador: mission

Spectulus: Did you find a rare crystal? Show me... Amazing, absolutely amazing. This crystal alone is worth a small fortune. Ahem, of course I'm glad you brought it to me for further research instead of bringing it to a merchant. ...

Spectulus: Please return here if you want to continue helping me with another mission.

Missão 03: The Mirror Crystal

Agora que você já tem o cristal, você deve ir até o lar da criatura. Para tal, Spectulus vai lhe dar um Carrying Device.

Falando com Spectulus

Jogador: mission

Spectulus: Well, the only thing left to do would be to offer the crystal at the well of the collector. There must be a pedestal near the well, where you need to put your donation. Ha, do you think you could do that?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: Good, because if you wouldn't do it... listen, this well is on one of the isles near Carlin. There you offer the crystal. Once you get access to its lair, find the collector and... convince it to give you the mirror crystal. Understood?
Jogador: yes

Spectulus: To collect the unbelievably rare, practically unique mirror crystal, you will need to use this special carrying device I developed. If you find the crystal, use it to store it and transport it safely to me. There is no second one.


Vá até a ilha de Vega, e siga para o sul do barco. Você vai ver uma grande caverna, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png). Use seu cristal no ice cube, e você será teletransportado para uma gruta de gelo.

Atenção: Se você sair da gruta pelo portal, não poderá voltar, a não ser que compre outro Rare Crystal com o Black Bert.


Siga o caminho para o sul, até encontrar o The Collector. Ele tem a força de um Ice Golem, é até mais fraco. Após matar ele, use o Carrying Device no seu corpo.


Então, volte o com o baú até o Spectulus, e entregue falando mission. Ele vai pegar o baú, abrir ele e pegar o raríssimo cristal que ele tanto queria. Mas, infelizmente, ele irá derrubá-lo no chão, e nunca mais ele vai ter a chance de construir seu dispositivo.

Após a missão

Jogador: mission

Spectulus: Do you have the mirror crystal? Unbelievable! Alright I will extract the crystal from the device myself, would you please give me the device with the crystal and step back?
Jogador: yes
Spectulus: Ah yes, slowly, carefully, careful ...
Spectulus: ...and how shiny it is, almost there ...
Spectulus: wh- no, NO, NOOO! It just ...
Spectulus: ...slipped. And cracked. Don't look at me like that ...
Spectulus: ...I need some time to get over this. What? Oh, yes you can take the remains if you like. Just get it out of my sight.

Spectulus: A debacle, catastrophe, disaster - I need time to fully understand what chance just slipped through our hands here... hm? Oh yes, yes through my hands, my hands of course. Now would you please leave me alone?!

A recompensa desta parte é 1000 de exp, 10 Small Diamonds e 1 Yellow Gem.