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Ongulf.gif NPC Ongulf
Este NPC é Líder de Expedição
Jogador: hi

Ongulf: Hello.
Jogador: dwarf
Ongulf: You humans often think of us dwarfs as a shorter version of yourself. As a matter of fact we are quite different. ...
Ongulf: You'd have a hard time to understand our society and personality, and of course each dwarf is different just like there are no two rocks alike. Members of our race still have much in common, and we even have some things in common with humans. ...
Ongulf: You have to find out yourself which things. Form your own opinion and have a mind of your own.
Jogador: humans
Ongulf: Well, considering the sheer number of humans, it wouldn't surprise me if we encountered some humans in this new land. They are primitive but at least not hostile. ...
Ongulf: Maybe we can settle some mutual agreement of help in some way.
Jogador: orcs
Ongulf: The orcs out there make me nervous but at least for now they seem to be kept at bay by their minotaur masters.
Jogador: minotaurs
Ongulf: I am still surprised by the role the minotaurs are playing in this land. I wouldn't consider them allies but in this strange new land, they are the closest thing to allies we have for now.
Jogador: bye

Ongulf: Bye.
Ongulf.gif NPC Ongulf
Este NPC é Líder de Expedição
Localização: Farmine, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 8.54 (9 de dezembro de 2009)
Notas: Ele é o líder dos anões que estão trabalhando noite e dia para aumentar a expansão da Farmine. Ele precisa de ajuda para encontrar o caminho de saída das montanhas.

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