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Hjaern.gif NPC Hjaern
Este NPC é Shaman
Jogador: hi

Hjaern: Be greeted, <jogador>. The spiritual world looks upon you and your deeds.
Jogador: Name
Hjaern: The spirits call me by the name of Hjaern and that is how I shall be known.
Jogador: Job
Hjaern: I would not consider this as a job. But one of my responsibilities is the training of young shamans. Even druids can learn a few new tricks from me.
Jogador: Shamans
Hjaern: We try to figure out the will of the spirits and ways to appease them.
Jogador: News
Hjaern: The news I receive are from the spiritual world. They would be of little importance for you.
Jogador: Cult
Hjaern: We had no contact with the people that passed Svargrond. Their arrival has caused some disturbance in the spirits' world though. ...
Hjaern: Ancient spirits are restless. It seems that some things that should have been left alone, have awoken from their slumber. I can't tell more yet.
Jogador: Gods
Hjaern: Your foreign gods are concepts we don't really understand.
Jogador: King
Hjaern: There should be no such thing like a human that is ruling over the lives of other humans.
Jogador: Chakoya
Hjaern: The chakoyas are like a force of nature. It would be wrong to try to exterminate them. On the other hand, we can't allow their carnivorous nature to threaten our lives.
Jogador: Yeti
Hjaern: The yetis are real. They are elusive but dangerous. Some say they are rather residents of the spirits' world than ours. The spirits are silent about them which is an even greater enigma.
Jogador: Ferumbras
Hjaern: He is of no importance here.
Jogador: Svargrond
Hjaern: The city was a necessity. Just like the spirit needs a haven of safety and retreat, so does the body need it.
Jogador: Excalibug
Hjaern: That's something I only heard about in curious questions of people like you.
Jogador: Rumours
Hjaern: Months ago, many strange looking people passed Svargrond. The inhabitants tell stories about a cult they belong to. ...
Hjaern: It is rumoured that they are trying to awake unholy spirits in the mountains. Maybe other people know more about that cult.
Jogador: Chyll
Hjaern: Father north wind is the supreme ruler of the North. His ways are almost unpredictable to us humans since his thoughts span ages. ...
Hjaern: We can only do our best to interpret his will correctly and act accordingly. One has to move with the wind after all, else it will destroy you. This is the way things are here in the North and the way of our people.
Jogador: Bye

Hjaern: Good bye, <jogador>.
Hjaern.gif NPC Hjaern
Este NPC é Shaman
Localização: Nibelor, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 8.0 (26 de junho de 2007)
Notas: Juntamente com Siflind, Hjaern é extremamente adepto à artes espíritas. Ele ensina Magias de Druid.

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Itens negociáveis:
Magia Level Custo
Chill Out1Grátis
Magic Patch1Grátis
Mud Attack1Grátis
Apprentice's Strike8Grátis
Find Person880 gp
Magic Rope9200 gp
Light Healing8Grátis
Cure Poison10150 gp
Energy Strike12800 gp
Levitate12500 gp
Terra Strike13800 gp
Great Light13500 gp
Food (Spell)14300 gp
Haste14600 gp
Magic Shield14450 gp
Flame Strike14800 gp
Ice Strike15800 gp
Physical Strike16800 gp
Heal Friend18800 gp
Ice Wave18850 gp
Intense Healing20350 gp
Strong Haste201 300 gp
Cure Electrification221 000 gp
Creature Illusion231 000 gp
Summon Creature252 000 gp
Ultimate Light261 600 gp
Ultimate Healing301 000 gp
Cure Burning302 000 gp
Invisible352 000 gp
Mass Healing362 200 gp
Terra Wave382 500 gp
Strong Ice Wave407 500 gp
Cure Bleeding452 500 gp
Envenom506 000 gp
Strong Terra Strike706 000 gp
Strong Ice Strike806 000 gp
Summon Grovebeast20050 000 gp

Magias para fazer runas:

Magia Level Custo
Poison Field Rune14300 gp
Cure Poison Rune15600 gp
Intense Healing Rune15600 gp
Fire Field Rune15500 gp
Light Magic Missile Rune15500 gp
Convince Creature Rune16800 gp
Destroy Field Rune17700 gp
Energy Field Rune18700 gp
Disintegrate Rune21900 gp
Ultimate Healing Rune241 500 gp
Stalagmite Rune241 400 gp
Heavy Magic Missile Rune251 500 gp
Poison Bomb Rune251 000 gp
Chameleon Rune271 300 gp
Fire Bomb Rune271 500 gp
Icicle Rune281 700 gp
Stone Shower Rune281 100 gp
Poison Wall Rune291 600 gp
Avalanche Rune301 200 gp
Explosion Rune311 800 gp
Fire Wall Rune332 000 gp
Energy Wall Rune412 500 gp
Paralyse Rune541 900 gp
Item Valor
Shard Shard.gif2 000 gp