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Asnarus.gif NPC Asnarus
Este NPC é Comerciante de Itens Mágicos, Arqueiro
Jogador: hi

Asnarus: Good day, Sanosuke Sdois. Ask me for a trade.
Jogador: job
Asnarus: I am bound by my word to serve here as a trader. I will provide this service faithful for 111 years, as I vowed.
Jogador: word
Asnarus: I lost a game of chess to the chief inquisitor Henricus. By my word I am now bound to a service of 111 years.
Jogador: years
Asnarus: We Djinn are ageless and ancient. What is hundreds of years to me would be at most something about an hour for you, so I don't care much.
Jogador: inquisition
Asnarus: An overly ambitious and childish undertaking to try to purge the world of evil. But even the least of us must play their part in the war against evil, even you humans.
Jogador: dream
Asnarus: We Djinn do not dream as you mortals do. Therefore I don't fear to sleep; not that I need any sleep at all.
Jogador: isle
Asnarus: I never even heard about this place. I doubt any Djinn was aware that it existed, which is odd and disturbing. It is a place of evil for sure, even if it was not what the inquisition expected.
Jogador: efreet
Asnarus: They are our bane and shame. Unless they see the light and begin to walk the right path, they are no better than the vile demons; yet they could be so much more. ...
Asnarus: It's to be blamed on us Djinn that we still fail to save our brethren from their evil ways.
Jogador: demon
Asnarus: Fierce beasts, no better than the Efreet. You humans do well to fight them. They are vile and despicable, and I don't mind to be of some assistance in that fight, offering my service.
Jogador: humans
Asnarus: Humans are so weak and fragile, so disconnected from the true world, which is magic and its flow. The most powerful of you may wield strong spells of destruction, yet they are still not connected to magic as we are.
Jogador: Excalibug
Asnarus: A myth of humans to strive to be more than human, by the use of tools that bestow godly powers to them.
Jogador: Asnarus
Asnarus: That is my name.
Jogador: djinn
Asnarus: We are a powerful embodiment of magic. We are so different from you humans that it's often hard to understand each other. Not that we'd care much. ...
Asnarus: Your puny, little ambitions are of little concern to us. Everything you strive to accomplish will be blown away like sand before the desert wind in a blink of a Djinn's eye. ...
Asnarus: Therefore we are as patient as we are wise. You humans, though, are nothing but a curiosity, and nothing that will endure like us.
Jogador: ferumbras
Asnarus: An upstart human, pretending to be an efreet. Disgusting, but nothing more.
Jogador: bye

Asnarus: Bye.
Asnarus.gif NPC Asnarus
Este NPC é Comerciante de Itens Mágicos, Arqueiro
Localização: Depot de Roshamuul, (aquiMap (Colour).gifX Mapa.png).
Adicionado: 10.30 (11 de dezembro 2013)
Notas: Esse NPC só irá aparecer após o mundo matar o boss Gaz'Haragoth uma vez.

Após perder uma aposta feita durante uma partida de xadrez com o chefe dos Inquisidores Henricus, Asnarus se viu obrigado a trabalhar como comerciante por 111 anos. Mas o que são 111 anos para um ser eterno?!

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Itens negociáveis:
Item Valor
Animate Dead Rune Animate Dead Rune.gif375 gp
Arrow Arrow.gif2 gp
Bolt Bolt.gif4 gp
Bow Guardcatcher.gif350 gp
Crossbow Crossbow.gif500 gp
Crystalline Arrow Crystalline Arrow.gif20 gp
Disintegrate Rune Disintegrate Rune.gif26 gp
Drill Bolt Drill Bolt.gif12 gp
Earth Arrow Earth Arrow.gif5 gp
Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bomb Rune.gif203 gp
Envenomed Arrow Envenomed Arrow.gif12 gp
Fireball Rune Fireball Rune.gif30 gp
Flaming Arrow Flaming Arrow.gif5 gp
Flash Arrow Flash Arrow.gif5 gp
Great Health Potion Great Health Potion.gif225 gp
Great Mana Potion Great Mana Potion.gif144 gp
Great Spirit Potion Great Spirit Potion.gif228 gp
Health Potion Health Potion.gif50 gp
Holy Missile Rune Holy Missile Rune.gif16 gp
Icicle Rune Icicle Rune.gif30 gp
Magic Wall Rune Magic Wall Rune.gif116 gp
Mana Potion Mana Potion.gif56 gp
Onyx Arrow Onyx Arrow.gif7 gp
Paralyse Rune Paralyse Rune.gif700 gp
Piercing Bolt Piercing Bolt.gif5 gp
Poison Bomb Rune Poison Bomb Rune.gif85 gp
Power Bolt Power Bolt.gif7 gp
Prismatic Bolt Prismatic Bolt.gif20 gp
Royal Spear Royal Spear.gif15 gp
Shiver Arrow Shiver Arrow.gif5 gp
Sniper Arrow Sniper Arrow.gif5 gp
Soulfire Rune Soulfire Rune.gif46 gp
Spear Spear.gif9 gp
Stone Shower Rune Stone Shower Rune.gif37 gp
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion.gif115 gp
Strong Mana Potion Strong Mana Potion.gif93 gp
Supreme Health Potion Supreme Health Potion.gif625 gp
Tarsal Arrow Tarsal Arrow.gif6 gp
Throwing Star Throwing Star.gif42 gp
Thunderstorm Rune Thunderstorm Rune.gif47 gp
Ultimate Health Potion Ultimate Health Potion.gif379 gp
Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Mana Potion.gif438 gp
Ultimate Spirit Potion Ultimate Spirit Potion.gif438 gp
Vortex Bolt Vortex Bolt.gif6 gp
Wild Growth Rune Wild Growth Rune.gif160 gp
Item Valor
Bow Guardcatcher.gif100 gp
Bowl of Terror Sweat Bowl of Terror Sweat.gif500 gp
Broken Visor Broken Visor.gif1 900 gp
Crossbow Crossbow.gif120 gp
Dead Weight Dead Weight.gif450 gp
Empty Potion Flask (Small) Empty Potion Flask (Small).gif5 gp
Empty Potion Flask (Medium) Empty Potion Flask (Medium).gif5 gp
Empty Potion Flask (Large) Empty Potion Flask (Large).gif5 gp
Frazzle Skin Frazzle Skin.gif400 gp
Frazzle Tongue Frazzle Tongue.gif700 gp
Goosebump Leather Goosebump Leather.gif650 gp
Hemp Rope Hemp Rope.gif350 gp
Pool of Chitinous Glue Pool of Chitinous Glue.gif480 gp
Sight of Surrender's Eye Sight of Surrender's Eye.gif3 000 gp
Silencer Claws Silencer Claws.gif390 gp
Silencer Resonating Chamber Silencer Resonating Chamber.gif600 gp
Spear Spear.gif3 gp
Trapped Bad Dream Monster Trapped Bad Dream Monster.gif900 gp
Vial Vial.gif5 gp