Genesis VII, ii. Tibia's Renewal (Book)

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Genesis VII, ii. Tibia's Renewal

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Original: The humans have availed themselves well of this opportunity. Under the wise guidance of the Thaian kings, who were direct descendants of Banor, the race is living through a golden age. The arts and the sciences prosper, and many a thriving city has been founded. To be sure, the humans' expansion has met with fierce resistance, and in fact the dauntless heroes who still enter this world from the mysterious Portals of Souls are busy enough to fight the constant threat posed by all kinds of hostile creatures. But so far the peace has lasted, and under its protection the human race has finally asserted itself as the dominant species in Tibia. However, there are disquieting signs that this glorious era might slowly come to its end. For the old enemies have never been vanquished, and now it seems that they are growing increasingly restless. The fierce orcs are stirring once more, attacking human settlements and sometimes even major cities in vicious, well-coordinated attacks. The undead have again started to walk the land, striking fear into the hearts of the living. There are even disconcerting reports that the fearsome dragons who have lain dormant for centuries are again leaving their hidden lairs to prey. Worst of all, the humans, that curious race, have started bickering amongst themselves, and more than once tensions have led to armed conflicts. In the course of time, some humans even renounced the Thaian kings' rule and founded own cities and empires.It may be that this is yet another one of Zathroth's wicked ploys. It is well known that his most diabolic minions, the gruesome demons, are lurking in the shadows, biding their time. Who knows - perhaps Tibia is on the brink of another cataclysmic war, and a new twilight will fall on the world. Fate alone knows what the future has in store for Tibia. Let us all hope and pray that the humans' unity will not break just when it is needed most.

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