Orc Marauder

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Orc Marauder.gif Orc Marauder

235 hit points
205 pontos de experiência por morte
(307 com bônus | 102 com stamina abaixo de 14h)

Dano Estimado: ~80 hp por turno
Habilidades: (mostrar) Melee (0-?), Arrows (0-80), Haste.
Imune Contra: Invisibilidade
Forte Contra: Sagrado Energia
Neutro Contra: Físico Fogo Gelo
Fraco Contra: Morte Terra
Boss: Cublarc the Plunderer
Sumonar/Convencer: --/490
Adicionado: 8.54 (9 de dezembro de 2009)
Sons: "Grrrrrr".
Comportamento: É possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Ataca seus inimigos a distância, foge com vida baixa.
Localização: Orc Land, Zao Steppe.
Loot: 0-90 Gold CoinsGold Coin.gif, BowGuardcatcher.gif, MeatMeat.gif, Shaggy TailShaggy Tail.gif, Broken CrossbowBroken Crossbow.gif (semi-raro), Orc LeatherOrc Leather.gif (semi-raro), Orc ToothOrc Tooth.gif (semi-raro), Obsidian LanceObsidian Lance.gif (raro), Orcish AxeOrcish Axe.gif (raro), CrossbowCrossbow.gif (muito raro), Silkweaver BowSilkweaver Bow.gif (muito raro).
Durante invasões: Silver Raid TokenSilver Raid Token.gif(raro).
Estas criaturas podem fazer raras invasões em alguns locais do tibia.
The war in Zao required a high degree of mobility. The answer to this request was the mounted archer. However, it took some time to make this solution palatable to the savage orcs. Barely able to control their blood lust, the orcs easily forgot their intention to stay away from the enemy and steered their mounts into the fray. Those who managed to withstand such urges were often seen as cowards and were widely shunned by other orcs. Only with the coming of their new leaders such prejudices changed. The few scattered Orc Marauders were combined and received additional training. Some of the smarter orcs were picked to support the ranks of the riders and once their effectiveness was proven, the acceptance of the Orc Marauders among the orcs grew continuously.

Used more efficiently, these new units of the orcish horde made the difference that was necessary to tune the tones of war at least for a while. The Orc Marauders attacked the lizard armies from afar. Slowly the casualties drained the strength of the lizard armies and the attacks of the orcs became bolder and bolder. The attacks usually started with Orc Marauders weakening the defensive lines. When the main body of the orcs attacked, the Orc Marauders switched to flanking tactics and caught scattered troops on the run. In more peaceful times, Orc Marauders serve as scouts or hunters.

Only the most daring orcs are chosen as Orc Marauders. Unlike the warwolves, the gnarlhounds are not bond to a specific orc. Rather the gnarlhounds are shared by the tribe and picked randomly before a raid. Given the unpredictability of the gnarlhounds, it is of little consequence for the rider. Since gnarlhounds are prone to frenzy in battle, the Orc Marauders treat their skin with a mixture of gnarlhound excrements and herbs to avoid being ripped to shreds by their own mounts.

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