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Minotaur Amazon.gif Minotaur Amazon

2600 hit points
2200 pontos de experiência por morte
(3300 com bônus | 1100 com stamina abaixo de 14h)

Dano Estimado: 250+ hp por turno
Habilidades: (mostrar) Corpo a corpo (0-100), Great Life Drain Bomb (80-280), Spear (0-170), Mana Drain Beam (100-480), Invisibilidade, Smoke Wave que causa Paralisia, Throwing Knife que causa Bleeding (10-14).
Imune Contra: Paralisia Invisibilidade
Forte Contra: Morte Gelo
Neutro Contra: Físico Sagrado Terra
Fraco Contra: Fogo Energia
Sumonar/Convencer: --/--
Adicionado: 10.50 (07 de julho de 2014)
Sons: "I'll protect the herd!!"; "Never surrender!"; "You won't hurt us!"; "I will not allow your evil to continue!".
Comportamento: Não é possível bloquear o respawn dessa criatura. Combate à distância. Foge com a vida baixa.
Localização: Oramond.
Loot: 0-186 Gold CoinsGold Coin.gif, 0-3 Platinum CoinsPlatinum Coin.gif, 0-5 Assassin StarsAssassin Star.gif, 0-3 HamsHam.gif, 0-2 Minotaur HornsMinotaur Horn.gif, 0-2 Minotaur LeathersMinotaur Leather.gif, 0-2 Small AmethystSmall Amethyst.gif, 0-2 Small EmeraldsSmall Emerald.gif, 0-2 Small Rubies, 0-2 Small Topazes, Gold IngotGold Ingot.gif, CowbellCowbell.gif, Great Health PotionGreat Health Potion.gif, Great Mana PotionGreat Mana Potion.gif, MeatMeat.gif, Red Piece of ClothRed Piece of Cloth.gif, Ring of HealingRing of Healing.gif, Stone Skin AmuletStone Skin Amulet.gif, Mino LanceMino Lance.gif, Mino ShieldMino Shield.gif, Warrior HelmetWarrior Helmet.gif, Bullseye PotionBullseye Potion.gif.
The minotaur amazons are an all-female minotaur sect that revere the great mother, also known as holy cow. They consider themselves as the mothers of the minotaur nations and are extremely protective about them. In former days the amazon were respected healer-preachers of their faith and even tiny settlements often had a crone, providing knowledge and healing to those in need. Less prone to rage then their male counterparts they often worked as spiritual advisors and were responsible to calm those lost in their rage. Since the latter could be quite dangerous the amazons always received some form of combat training. After years of peaceful stagnation, the raising threats and pressure to minotaur societies led to a change though. Ralda, a wandering priestess took it upon her to renew their faith and change it through new doctrines. The peaceful and rather passive role switched gradually into a more protective and active one. The combat training became more emphasized and the amazons began to accompany their people into battles. This change gained more and more in momentum by it success and was at last adapted even by societies that never had come into contact with Raldo themselves. With this change what in the past had been an informal group of like minded people, became also a more and more formalized order. To become an amazon a minotauress had to be mother of at least four calves. Though they server the ties to their former families they renew them by becoming the mothers of all their people, sworn to treat and protect their nation like they did for their own former families. The amazons, though skilled fighters are also the caretakers and healers for their brethren and sisters. They are well educated and schooled not only in battle but also in tactics, logistics and several other topics important for the survival of their society. Most of them are skilled moohsicians, which is the title of the most skilful singers of the society and arguments between amazons are often settled in singing contests. Amazons are loyal for their nation first and their race second. They fight side by side with their nation even against other minotaur societies.

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