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The First Dragon

Localização: Ancient Temple
Gênero: Indefinido.
Autor: Desconhecido
Traduzido: Cross.png

The First Dragon ... Many call it a myth, a legend, a fairy tale. And yet I was always convinced that the stories could be true. I indeed believe there was once a powerful lone dragon who was the first of all. He wandered our world thousands of years ago and then disappeared. Was it Garsharak himself? Or was it his first child? Has this ancient creature really left this world or is it still there, hiding somewhere, perhaps sleeping, perhaps waiting? These questions preyed on my mind for many a year. Finally, when I joined the Explorer Society, I decided to do my own research. I visited many libraries all over Tibia and studied many books. I travelled to remote and dangerous places to do excavations. But I never found the smallest hint that the First Dragon ever existed. I was ready to give up, I just wanted to visit just one last site. And incredibly, I discovered something! An ancient inscription, nearly invisible, buried in the walls of this small cave underneath Thais. I uncovered it and began to translate the old runes which had been used centuries ago. Only single fragments are still readable:

"... First Dragon ... thousands ... ago. ... four descendants ... different kinds of dragons. ... Gelidrazah, Taz... disappeared. ... cemetery? Or ... Yal...? ... trials ... incitements in order to find the lairs of ..." It is very hard to translate the heavily weathered inscription. I feel I should hurry because more and more frequently I'm hearing scratching steps and a roaring from afar. There could be a dragon living down here and that would be my perdition for sure.

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