Arito's Task Quest

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50 Platinum Coins, habilidade para começar a Nomads Land Quest.
Ankrahmun e Kha'Zeel (início aquiMap (Colour).gif).
Você enfrentará:
Nomads, Hyaenas, Scorpions e Rotworms.
Level: Premium:Duração:Grupo:Dificuldade:
(Recomendado: 12+)
Nomad.gifArito precisa da sua ajuda para fazer as pazes com seus antigos amigos os Nomads
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 Aviso: Caso você precise checar se esta quest já está completa, ela fica organizada no artigo Tibia Tales em seu Quest Log.

Equipamento Requerido


Você precisa conseguir um Parchment de Nomads e falar com Arito antes de tentar entrar na caverna, ou você não vai conseguir, além disso, você vai precisar pegar outra Scimitar e Vial of Water.

Você precisa conseguir o Parchment caçando Nomads ou comprando de outros jogadores. Quando obtê-lo, fale com Arito sobre Nomads. Ele dirá que já foi um Nomad e que quer sua ajuda para fazer as pazes com eles. Para isto, ele lhe pede para ir até a Nomad Cave:

A entrada está localizada no leste da montanha entre a passagem de Darashia e Ankrahmun, (aquiMap (Colour).gif), em uma pequena gruta. Existe uma rachadura no chão, coloque a Scimitar nesta rachadura. Use o Vial of Water no chão, 2 passos a direita. Uma entrada aparecerá.

Aritotask entrance.jpg

Dentro da entrada haverá um teleporte, passe por ele. Você aparecerá numa caverna cheia de Nomads, Scorpions e algumas Rotworms e Carrion Worms.

No fundo da caverna, está Muhad. Fale com ele sobre Arito. Muhad aceitará o pedido de paz e pedirá sua ajuda em outra missão (veja Nomads Land Quest).

Volte até Arito. Ele irá lhe recompensar com 50 Platinum Coins.

Nota: Para não precisar usar outras Scimitars, pode-se utilizar de uma entrada secreta, localizada aquiMap (Colour).gif
Arito Backway.jpg


Iniciando a quest

Jogador: Hi

Arito: Be mourned, pilgrim in flesh.
Jogador: nomads
Arito: What?? My name on a deathlist which you retrieved from a nomad?? Show me!! ...
Arito: Oh my god! They found me! You must help me! Please !!!! Are you willing to do that?
Jogador: Yes, I will.
Arito: Thank you thousand times! Well, I think I start telling you what I think they are after...
Arito: You have to know, I was one of them before I opened that shop here. Sure they fear about their hideout being revealed by me. Please go to the north, there is a small cave in the mountains with a rock in the middle. ...
Arito: If you stand in front of it, place a scimitar - which is the weapon of the nomads - left of you and make a sacrifice to the earth by pouring some water on the floor to your right. ...
Arito: The entrance to their hideout will be revealed in front of you. I don't know who is in charge there right now but please tell him that I won't spoil their secret...
Arito: ... well, I just told you but anyway .... I won't tell it to anybody else. Now hurry up before they get here !!
Jogador: Bye.

Arito: Do visit us again.
Jogador: Hi.

Muhad: Be greeted, foreigner under the sun of Darama.
Jogador: Arito.
Muhad: I don't know how something like this ever could be possible. He met a girl from Ankrahmun and she must have twisted his head. Arito started to tell stories about the Pharaoh and about Ankrahmun. ...
Muhad: In the wink of an eye he left us and was never seen again. I think he feared revenge for leaving us - which partially is not without reason. Why are you asking me about him? Did he send you to me?
Jogador: Yes.
Muhad: Ahh, I know that some of my people fear that Arito tells the old secrets of our race and want to see him dead but I don't bear him a grudge. I will have to have a serious word with my people. ...
Muhad: Tell him that he can consider himself as acquitted. He is not the reason for our attacks towards Ankrahmun. Maybe you could help us in this case. Are you willing to do that?

Jogador: Yes.
Muhad: I appreciate your will to help the sons of the desert. Recently a bunch of thieves have stolen something very valuable from us. It is a secret the true sons kept for aeons and I am not allowed to tell you about it. ...
Muhad: All we know about the thieves is that they have their hideout somewhere in Ankrahmun. We managed to catch one of them and he told us that there is a pillar in Ankrahmun with a hidden mechanism. ...
Muhad: If you press the eye of the hawk symbol a secret passage will appear that leads to their hideout. Once inside you have to look for a small casket. ...
Muhad: Try to sneak in undetectedly and bring back our treasure as soon as you obtain it. May Daraman hold his protective hand over you on your mission. I wish you good luck. ...
Muhad: One last thing before you leave. Take the path behind me and you will get out of our hideout unharmed.
Jogador: Bye.

Muhad: Please use the back entrance so you don't get in trouble with my people.

Após ter falado com Muhad na nomad cave

Jogador: Hi.

Arito: Thank god you are back!! Did you find....err...what we were talking about??
Jogador: Yes.
Arito: And what did they say?? Do I have to give up everything here? Come on tell me!!
Jogador: You have been acquitted by the nomads.
Arito: These are great news!! Thank you for your help! I don't have much, but without you I wouldn't have anything so please take this as a reward.
Jogador: Bye.

Arito: Do visit us again.
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